Employees in control of their pay

Employees have more options for how, when and where they receive their pay. This extra flexibility allows a more effective way to manage personal finances.

Payment Splitting

Employees can make payments direct from their net pay to family members, landlords, loans, credit cards, etc – eliminating risk of missing an important payment. Employees can also send money to popular money apps including Currency Management Apps like Wise, Crypto-Currency Apps like Coinbase and share dealing apps like Freetrade.

Wage Advances

Free access to Emergency Cash and automatic weekly advances. The option to access money in an emergency is a highly valued benefit and is quick and easy to receive money instantly via the PayCaptain App or via WhatsApp. Weekly funds can be helpful for employees to manage part of their budget on a weekly basis and keep funds protected for their bills and direct debits at the end of the month.


PayCaptain makes it easy to save money every month. Employees can pre-plan the amount to save and is automatically transferred from net pay. This is a more successful way to save eliminating the risk of spending instead of saving. No savings account, no problem – open one direct from the App.

Charitable Donations

Make donations direct from gross wages to UK Charities and with the option for employers to match donation. PayCaptain has a Payroll Giving Scheme built into the app eliminating the need for manual or paper based donation forms. This is the most effective way to give to charities and means employees pay less income tax.

Interactive Payslips

PayCaptain makes it easy for employees to fully understand their pay because Payslips are branded, graphical, multi-language and interactive with the PayCaptain AI Chat Bot. Most questions can be answered automatically, but when they can't the employee is seamlesley transferred to an expert member of the PayCaptain Team. Help icons explain tax, NI, student loan and pension calculations directly on the payslip.

Multi Language Mobile App

The PayCaptain Mobile App is designed for simplicity and for fast access to information. Employees control their pay preferences all from one place including personalised promotion of employee benefits and instant sign-up forms.

Start Making Payroll A Breeze

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