Payroll + Financial Wellness

Tools and personalised guidance to help employees to manage their money are built into the multi-language employee app.

Money Planning Tool

Employees can create a personal budget with PayCaptain’s Money Planning Tool and access helpful Financial Guidance. Understanding income and spending is key to good financial wellbeing.

Financial Wellbeing Score

PayCaptain has developed a survey to evaluate how employees feel about their finances. The survey creates a score and recommends guidance which can help improve financial wellbeing. The information is confidential but companies can view anonymised average scores to track financial wellness improvements over time.

Employer Influenced Savings

Employers can encourage their employees to save by paying interest on savings balances or by matching the employee savings payments (a bit like pension matching). Having some money saved for unexpected situations is a major influencing factor in financial wellbeing.

Helpful personalised guidance

The PayCaptain App incorporates trusted financial guidance that can be accessed directly inside the app. The PayCaptain Team are also available to support employees directly with best practice information and recommendations for money management advice.

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving has never been so straightforward. PayCaptain is the only payroll services provider with an integrated Payroll Giving Agency Partner. We have established a registered charity '' which is an HMRC Approved Payroll Giving Agency and the technology integration allows for seamless automated payroll giving with no paper and no in-house administration.

On Brand and Aligned with Values

Employer Brand is important and historically the payroll process has been unable to be part of the overall employee brand experience - until now. PayCaptain use the company design, language and tone and all interactions can be customised to ensure the experience for employees is as good as it can be.

Start Making Payroll A Breeze

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