Phase 3 are leading providers of people technology professional and managed services. Our team of HR, Payroll and Finance consultants ensure clients achieve maximum value from their chosen technologies.

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Phase 3

Over the past 18 years, we have delivered hundreds of successful projects to our clients. Through that time we have fine tuned and developed our service offerings to ensure a truly exceptional ‘end-to-end’ service for our clients. The Phase 3 team cover the full lifecycle of a HR/Payroll systems project, from selection, implementation, development and ongoing managed services for HR systems and Payroll.

Our services support the entire suite of HR and Payroll processes. This means we can:

  • Work client side as your Project Manager, Business Analyst or HR Systems/Payroll team during projects –releasing your teams to focus on the projects whilst we manage the Business As Usual.
  • Act as the intermediary between you and the solution provider – our professional relationships with providers means we know what ‘good’ looks like- both in service and price and our teams can help manage expectations.
  • Work on the really small projects or the larger more transformational projects – our teams are not hindered by size or scope.

Our independent teams of high calibre HR, Payroll,Finance and Technical consultants ensure your digital projects are successful by:

Focusing on the people behind the technology

Our ethos is simple – People technology only works well if the people are empowered to use the technology. Digital HR and Payroll transformation is successful only when the end users are engaged with the process.

Remaining Independent

Our business model ensures we retain our independence – we do not resell or take commission from any solution provider, where we are partnered with solution

providers we are introduced only after the sale has taken place. Our advice is tailored to your unique circumstances and we get to know you to be able to offer that advice.

Ensuring Problem solving and solution focused

You can expect problem solving from our teams and solutions focus, likewise internally our management and office style encourages rapid development of ideas and creative thinking,shared openly and honestly within our teams.

Ensuring a guarantee of Calibre

We choose our line ‘people behind people technology’ because we really do think it is the talented people that counts – in our team and yours. We prove this in that we work across multiple systems and on ‘client-side’ partnering. Even our managed services are delivered by consultant professionals (note that remains cost effective as our team make short shrift of work!)

Being Honest about what can and cannot be done

We do not over promise, offer something we can’t deliver on or don’t think we should. We need to say ‘no’ to some types of work. We recruit with integrity and professionalism ahead of technical skill (which can be learned). A consultant who says No is an honest consultant.

Being Flexible

We like light touch admin and process but we can adapt how we managed projects to suit the clients own preferences or methods. Every project and proposal is individually scoped,unless the need is immediate and obvious. “Bite-Sized” is a fabulous way to enjoy a committed relationship of consultancy support delivered flexibly in terms of both logistics and scope.

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