Gusto Restaurants tell us about their experience with PayCaptain

Gusto Restaurants tell us about their experience with PayCaptain
Gusto Restaurants tell us about their experience with PayCaptainGusto Restaurants tell us about their experience with PayCaptain

Launched in Cheshire in 2005, Gusto Italian have 13 restaurants across the UK – with a 14th coming soon in Oxford. They employ 500 personnel across the group.  The brand was founded by Jeremy Roberts and the late Tim Bacon, from Living Ventures Group. Gusto Restaurants offer diners elegant Italian dining, made fresh, every time.

Gusto Italian partnered with PayCaptain in early 2022 to implement a payroll solution that matched their philosophy, supported their personnel and provided the leadership team with more information. With more information, the team felt they could make more informed decisions when it comes to their people.

The group were having some issues with their existing payroll solution when they started the search for a new payroll provider, but found a partner in PayCaptain that gave them exactly what they needed. By providing more detailed information, PayCaptain has allowed Gusto Italian to make better decision-making as well as giving more power, responsibility and information to their employees.

Frank Bandura, CFO of Gusto Italian told us, in his experience, many people don’t even look at their payslips and if they do, many people don’t understand them. With the PayCaptain solution, payslips are available on a mobile app and are graphical in design, having help icons and great support both within the app and from the PayCaptain team to help employees understand their pay and deductions better.

This, he says, is a huge benefit to the team.

“Staff are the most valuable asset in any restaurant business. We wanted to give our team information at their fingertips and wanted to demystify some of the language and issues that arise through payroll.”

Frank told us that the group has achieved a fully integrated, one-stop payroll solution by partnering with PayCaptain. The group uses Rotaready for managing their HR and rota-scheduling, allowing them to make sure they always have the right cover in the restaurants as well as supporting their team with a high-quality HR solution. Rotaready and PayCaptain are partners and fully integrated solutions – so much so that they use a single sign in across both apps.

“Our employees have a seamless experience – from starting work, finishing work to getting paid.”

Gusto also offers sustainable pensions to their employees from PayCaptain partner, Collegia, as well as internal messaging and comms through Yapster, which increases employee engagement and keeps them connected. Both solutions are integrated with PayCaptain.

Anne Marie Sarantis, Head of People at Gusto told us about their experience of working with PayCaptain.

“I absolutely love working with PayCaptain. They go over and above to make sure that our team are looked after… They care about our team as much as we do! There’s an amazing level of flexibility and amazing customer service. They’ve held our hand every step of the way.”


How PayCaptain helps:

PayCaptain, built on the Salesforce platform, includes a host of innovative functionality to improve the financial well-being of employees as well as helping them build financial resilience for the future. The solution also supports the leadership team with it’s extensive reporting capabilities and customisation to meet the needs of the business.

The multiple award-winning payroll solution gives employees greater control of their pay, as well as how they receive it. The App includes:


-       Interactive payslips – these are graphical payslips which break down payments and deductions for employees. Employees can click on Help icons for more information on how their deductions have been calculated so they know exactly how their pay has been worked out. Help icons explain tax, NICs, student loan and pension calculations directly on the payslip

-       On demand pay – where companies can give their employees access to payments when they need them, even if it’s outside of the regular pay period

-       Payment splitting – where employees can make payments direct from their net pay to family members, landlords, loans, credit cards, etc – eliminating risk of missing an important payment

-       Savings - employees can pre-plan the amount to save and is automatically transferred from net pay. This builds some resilience for times of financial hardship

-       Money planning tool – where employees can create a personal budget

-       Personalised financial guidance – trusted, impartial and confidential financial guidance from Money Helper can be accessed directly through the PayCaptain app

-       PayCaptain has an AI Chatbot that can answer the most frequently asked questions raised by employees about their pay. If the employee needs to speak to an expert, they can be transferred to a member of the PayCaptain team for more guidance and support. When the employee calls PayCaptain, their last payslip automatically comes up on screen for the advisor so they can handle the enquiry quickly and efficiently

-       Pensions – to make provision and build better financial resilience for later life


Anne Marie told us, “Our team love having early access to their accrued earnings… It builds a level of trust.”


PayCaptain also has an extensive reporting suite, with reports that can be configured to the clients’ needs. With access to much more detailed information, Gusto feel they have almost unlimited information about their employees and pay, so approving payroll at the end of the month has become extremely easy.


Say’s Frank, “Since we’ve implemented PayCaptain, it’s become one of the key benefits we offer our employees. Our employees get paid accurately on time, every time.
I would recommend the PayCaptain solution to anyone in the hospitality sector.”



To learn more about how PayCaptain can help your business and improve the financial well-being of your employees, please contact us for an informal, no-obligation chat. We’ll be happy to demo PayCaptain for you.