Innovative Payroll  Features

PayCaptain’s advanced technology and unique capabilities enable an optimised, modern and flexible payroll process. Unlocking Innovation for pay & reward. Enabling the complete payroll process to be on brand and aligned with company values.

Ticks all the boxes

PayCaptain payroll software is approved by HMRC. Compliance, Security, Resilience and Accuracy are fundamental. PayCaptain runs in the cloud with the same high standards of security as your bank. We are one of the few Payroll Companies registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. PayCaptain includes all the features needed to operate a compliant payroll function including RTI and Auto-Enrolment capabilities.

Flexible Payments

PayCaptain’s unique “Flexible Payments” – allows employees to choose exactly where, when and how they receive payments like bonuses, rewards and expenses. Employees can choose to receive their payment instantly, send it to their savings account or put straight into their pension pot.

High Tech Bureau Service

The PayCaptain Payroll Team embrace the latest technologies to be able to provide a best in class bureau service – via video, phone and WhatsApp. When an employee phones us their last payslip automatically pops up on screen before we answer a call. Employee's can also report issues directly in the mobile app by pointing direct to the specific issue. Our qualified and experienced team of Payroll and Financial Wellness Specialists are committed to providing the best possible service.

Analytics and Pay Gap Reporting

PayCaptain has built the reports and dashboards for HR and Payroll teams to get the information they need quickly. Our report builder allows for new reports and dashboards to be created easily without the need for specialist skills.

Payroll Funding Account

PayCaptain sends all payments to employees via Faster Payments replacing the need for 3-day legacy BACS processing. PayCaptain requests funds in one lump sum and sends the individual payments to employees. We reconcile every payment so your Finance Team doesn't have to.

Seamless Integration

PayCaptain enables HR and Payroll data to flow in all directions at any point in the payroll process. Open APIs allow for robust integrations with third party systems. PayCaptain Data Team will integrate with any cloud software with public API’s within 72 hours.

Start Making Payroll A Breeze

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