Built-in Banking

Faster Payments, current accounts, savings accounts and Visa debit cards can all be set up and accessed from inside the PayCaptain mobile app.

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Personal payroll accounts

PayCaptain can create fully a functional account for any employees without access to a full bank account of their own, or for anyone who wants to keep some funds separated from their main/joint accounts. It enables both easy budgeting and transacting for weekly expenses, as well as savings for either rainy or sunny days.

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Faster Payments 24/7/365

PayCaptain is fully integrated with an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) platform that means we can process money instantly via the Faster Payments framework. Instant payments can be sent at any time – seven days a week, 365 days a year. Companies can easily pay their employees at a fixed point in the month, regardless of which day of the week it falls on.

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Visa debit cards

Personal Debit cards can be issued for all PayCaptain payroll accounts and savings pots. All transactions are recorded in the PayCaptain app and all spending can be categorised and tracked with the integrated money planning tool.

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Coming soon: international payments

We’re working on a new feature that will allow pay to be seamlessly converted into other currencies and transferred to friends and family around the world from within the PayCaptain app.

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Start making payroll a pleasure

Find out how PayCaptain can add value to your company and help your employees. Why not arrange a free, no-obligation demo and see our system in action?

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