In many companies the Payroll process is a struggle and disconnected,  legacy technology does not add value, or work for the way people live their lives today.

Low financial resilience and high financial stress are issues facing many people and this has a direct impact to companies too.

PayCaptain is a Payroll and Financial Wellness Solution for tackling these problems.

PayCaptain uses the latest tech and latest thinking to provide a complete Payroll and Financial Wellness Solution for innovative companies that understand the importance of good financial wellbeing in their workforce.

PayCaptain replaces (or enhances) a company’s legacy payroll and payment processing systems and can radically improve the payroll function and the employee payroll experience.

It is our mission to put people in control of the money they earn by empowering them to manage their money in the best possible way and reduce the negative effects of financial stress in the workplace.

PayCaptain was founded in January 2020, went live with first customers in July 2020.

Simon Bocca

Simon Bocca


After a five-year management training programme at London’s Savoy Group of Hotels, learning the trade in every department; I then worked another 5 years in their IT department managing multiple systems throughout the hotels and restaurants.

My passion for technology led me to Fourth in 2004. Fourth was one of the first UK companies to deploy Software as a Service, to revolutionise the way hospitality businesses manage their workforce.

I became Fourth’s Chief Operating Officer in 2010. After a total of 16 years immersed in the highs and lows of HR and Payroll tech, and having helped grow the company from 5 to 1,200 staff in the UK, UAE and USA. In January 2020 I was finally able to realise my dream of starting my own business.

PayCaptain was born. Starting with a blank sheet, I was able to deploy the latest tech to radically improve the payroll process and enable employers to be more innovative with their pay and reward strategies.

But the really exciting thing for me was the opportunity to turn the tables and put the employee front and centre. To me that meant providing a simple multi-lingual app for with super helpful features for every employee to better manage and control their hard-earned cash.

I live in a converted barn in a small Buckinghamshire village with my husband and our two Labradors when I’m not focussed on PayCaptain I’m either walking the dogs, cooking or making cocktails.

Stacey Heathcote

Stacey Heathcote MSc FCIPPdip

Head of Payroll

I have worked in payroll all my career. I love this industry and over the years, I’ve provided payroll services to thousands of customers across most sectors.

In my last job, I headed up a team of 70 payroll professionals and was responsible for 400 customers and 350,000 payslips every month.

I have always been passionate about providing an outstanding, professional and knowledgeable payroll service, so our customers can focus on their businesses, knowing that payroll is in safe hands.

I am proud to be fully qualified with the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP), with both a Diploma in Payroll Management and an MSc in Payroll and Business Management.

I am married with two young children and a dog called Boo. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, whether that’s all-weather dog walks, fun Sunday lunches or just relaxing at home.

I’m looking forward to joining the PayCaptain team on 1 November 2020.

Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall MA PGdipM MCIPPdip

Non-Exec Director

I’ve spent over 45 years in payroll and HR. After 10 successful years at ADP, I started my first business, a payroll bureau servicing SMEs.

After selling the business five years later to a local accounting firm, I was head hunted to help build out the payroll solutions for IBM and after that, Bank of Scotland.

In 1999, I founded Employer Services Ltd, the first true cloud-based payroll bureau to launch with full electronic reporting and ePayslips.

Employer Services Ltd was soon challenging the market, with established ‘legacy’ bureaus struggling to keep up. We were responsible for producing 7.5m+ payslips and £120m in salary payments a year and happy to win numerous awards.

In 2011, we launched the first cloud based cloud payroll software PaySuite. Three years later Paysuite was acquired by Intuit, who went on to service thousands of clients using QuickBooks.

Employer Services Ltd was acquired by RSM in 2015. Since then I have been serving as a director on the CIPP board alongside multiple other NED roles. I enjoy speaking at payroll industry events, as well as writing for sector publications.

In my spare time, I raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital, run an internet Radio Station, play the trombone in one of the country’s top brass bands – oh, and run the occasional half marathon!


Our goal is to create a highly diverse, exciting and rewarding business with amazing opportunities for ambitious hard-working people.    

Good pay, good benefits and share options for all roles.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions – must be based in the UK.  The positions are working from home/anywhere with regular in-person meetings as a team in London.

Payroll & Financial Wellness Specialist

Salesforce Administrator

Sales Manager

Please get in-touch with us to learn more about these opportunities at careers@paycaptain.com


We have big aspirations; so it's important we have a solid foundation of values to keep us on track.

Get Best Outcomes

We aim high, we are innovative and creative to get the best outcomes and make positive impact.

To the Point

We are straightforward, we aim straight, we are helpful, easy to understand and we deliver on time.

Be Good

We are good people having a good time doing a good job for good customers. We are a good business from every angle.


We instinctively put ourselves in other people's shoes to help us live by the first three values.

Start Making Payroll A Breeze

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