The on-brand payroll experience your employees
will love.

PayCaptain is the first solution bringing together Payroll, Banking and Financial Wellness.

A new standard of Payroll that radically improves the experience of ‘getting paid’.

PayCaptain - The on-brand payroll experience your employees will love.
A message from Simon Bocca, Founder

With PayCaptain the payroll function can be more innovative and strategic to deliver greater value to a company and their employees.

PayCaptain optimises payroll processing,
improves workforce productivity and
financial wellbeing.

Latest Tech unlocks Innovation

PayCaptain embraces the latest technologies and banking capabilities to enable a highly efficient automated payroll process and outsourced payroll bureau service.

Unlocking Innovation for pay & reward.

"I love having the flexibility with how, when and where I receive my pay"

Carol Evans, Ten Kites

Employees in control of their pay

Employees have greater choice for how, when and where they receive their pay.

This extra flexibility allows a more effective way to manage personal finances.

"The PayCaptain App and Interactive Payslips are so much better than anything I've used before"

Caroline Ellis

Payroll + Financial Wellbeing Together

Tools and personalised guidance to help employees manage their money are built into the multi-language mobile app.

Making payroll more inclusive and accessible.

"PayCaptain automated our payroll process and the feedback from the employees has been very positive"

Stuart Wilson, CEO at Ten Kites

Built-in Banking Features

Faster Payments, Current Accounts, Savings Accounts and Visa Debit Cards can be setup from inside the PayCaptain Mobile App.

PayCaptain replaces the slow legacy BACS processing.

"Combining payroll and  banking capabilities has enabled greater flexibility for sending money to employees".

Simon Bocca

An upgraded Payroll Experience

PayCaptain allows the complete payroll process to be on brand and aligned with company values. The experience of getting paid is radically improved.

"We're excited by PayCaptain's vision to turn pay from a functional, routine process into a driver of empowerment and engagement. PayCaptain will run as a “Yapplication” within our own app, so that soon all Yapster users will be able to plan income and spending, work with PayCaptain’s banking services and get financial guidance easily."

Rob Liddiard, CEO Yapster

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