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Calling the New Financial Wellness Heroes
Payroll departments have a wonderful opportunity to help boost the financial resilience of employees and to be the financial heroes we know they are.
5 barriers to financial wellbeing that every company can solve
There are multiple practical interventions a company can introduce to help support the financial wellbeing of their employees.
The Benefit of Interactive Payslips
Payslips no longer need to be static and boring. Isn't it time that payslips are interactive, multi-language and educational.....
Knowing your budget
PayCaptain’s goal is to improve the financial resilience of the nation and reduce the negative effects of financial stress in the workplace. It’s an entirely new revolutionary way to pay employees. It puts them in control of their money and empowers them to manage their money in the best possible way for their needs.
Save First and Spend Later
The best way to save is when you can automatically transfer money from wages into a savings account every month - this is know and save first, spend later!
The Importance of Charitable Giving
Payroll Giving offers employers and employees an additional benefit in the form of donation matching. A payroll giving function can allows employers to match employees’ donations each month - a great way of doubling the amount paid to charity and a benefit you can only get via payroll giving.

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