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What are the latest changes to National Insurance Contributions and what do they mean?
Explaining the changes to the National Insurance calculations in July 2022 and what it means to individuals and companies.
What Is Outsourced Payroll
Payroll is an important aspect to any business so it can be difficult to know whether or not to outsource it. Here's what you need to know...
How Can I Make a Donation to Support Ukrainian Refugees?
Making a donation direct from payroll through Payroll Giving is a quick, effective and a tax efficient way to make a donation to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Employees can elect to make a one-off donation to a charity of their choice, or set up regular donations direct from gross pay, to a charity or charities of their choice through the PayCaptain mobile app.
How to save energy in the workplace
With the price of energy sky-rocketing, it’s not just domestic users who are feeling the pinch, businesses are too. Rising costs are either being absorbed by the business or having to be passed on to their clients which, either way, will have an impact on profitability or on sales. Read some of our workplace energy-saving tips here.
Digital Pensions - another great innovation with PayCaptain
Digital pensions are pension schemes that are managed entirely or largely online. This means that members can view their pension pot on-demand, as well as make contributions and see how their pension is performing online in real-time. Digital pensions are now available through the PayCaptain mobile app.
Donating Pennies From Your Pay
PayCaptain has developed new functionality for employees to micro-donate to charities through donating pennies from their pay. The scheme is optional where net pay is rounded down to the nearest pound - giving employees an easy, affordable way to donate to charity.
What are benefits of an integrated Payroll system?
An integrated payroll system offers many benefits to businesses. By automating processes, improving accuracy, and improving communication, having an integrated payroll solution helps to make the payroll process more efficient and effective. Integrating software solutions with PayCaptain means accurate information is available real-time and that employees receive the correct pay at the correct time.
Work Related Stress - A Guide For Employers
With mental health issues on the rise, it’s essential for employers to understand and be equipped to deal with work related stress. In this article, we look into some of the causes as well as how to prevent and handle employees suffering from work related stress or other mental health issues caused at work.
Great Employer Branding Examples
This blog looks into some great employer branding examples, why branding is so important and tips for creating a successful brand in your business.
Should You Offer Financial Wellness As An Employee Benefit
When you think of employee benefits, you might not initially think of Financial Wellness. However, given that most employee benefits tend to only address the symptoms of stress, why not seek to address the root causes? In this article we explore the concept of financial wellbeing and its impact on stress at work. We’ll also be showing you how to incorporate financial wellbeing as an employee benefit to create happier, healthier and more productive employees.
Human Resources Management Techniques: A Guide For Employers
What's essential to any business is having the right people in the right roles, and nowhere is this more important than human resources. However, making sure that you've got the right people in place and that they're performing to the best of their abilities can be a difficult task. This blog has insights into recruitment strategies, training and development opportunities, performance management, feedback and team building exercises.
How To Reduce The Gender Paygap
Sadly, the gender pay gap is very much still an issue. This blog has been created to look in to ways to monitor and reduce the gender pay gap within your business.
How To Promote Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing In The Workplace
Looking out for employees mental health and wellbeing in the workplace will lead to a happier, more productive workforce and could help to reduce employee absenteeism. Having dedicated mental health champions within your business or department might be a great place to start.
Why Outsource Payroll?
Outsourcing payroll has many benefits for businesses and employees alike. Payroll is a business-critical function that, done right, improves productivity and morale by demonstrating to employees their worth to the business. Outsourcing can save both time and money. It can give business owners the opportunity to concentrate on running their business and plan for strategic growth. It also provides peace of mind that payroll is in the hands of experts and ensures compliance with legislation, protecting the business in the long run.
Why it’s Important to Have Some Savings
Saving money is vital for both financial and psychological well-being. It provides a pot of money to draw on in emergencies and helps avoid using costly short-term loan services or credit cards to meet financial obligations. By having savings, individuals can avoid spiralling into debt which causes problems with mental health as well as social, employment and relationship problems. Having savings builds financial security and helps independence.
Why financial wellness is a must-have employee benefit
When employees are struggling with financial stress, there is a huge impact on both employee and employer. There is a costly financial implication to businesses in both absenteeism and presenteeism, which can be addressed by offering solutions and support to employees to improve their financial well-being. With reduced absenteeism and an increase in morale, company-wide communication and productivity, financial wellness really is a must have employee benefit - not only for the health of the employee, but also for the health of the business.
What is the Real Living Wage?
The real Living Wage is a non-legally binding wage that’s based on the cost of living. The real Living Wage is voluntarily paid by almost 9000 employers in the UK. It aims to be a wage that meets employees' everyday needs, covering workers’ realistic cost of living.
What Is The Great Resignation (& What Can Employers Do About It)
The Great Resignation is happening, however, not all employers will be affected the same way. Here's everything you need to know!
What is Payroll Giving Week?
Payroll Giving is a valued benefit for employees as it enables them to donate to a charity or charities of their choice in the most tax efficient way. Donations are paid from gross pay, before tax. Employees receive their net pay and know that their charitable obligations are met. PayCaptain has the functionality built into the payroll solution for the benefit of employees, employers and charities alike.
What Is On-Demand Pay & Should You Offer It?
As an employer, you may have heard about on-demand pay and wondered whether or not you should be offering it to employees - here's what you need to know...
What Is Faster Payroll Payments
Payroll can go wrong from time to time, but employees shouldn't be forced to suffer when it does! Here's how faster payments can put an end to that..
What is Faster Payments payroll?
Faster Payments and PayCaptain offers businesses an enhanced level of service for payroll processing. Payments can be made at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. Lead times and expensive fees for legacy systems, such as BACS and CHAPS, do not apply. Faster Payments offers a new level of flexibility, security, speed and convenience for employers to make sure they offer the best level of payroll support for their employees.
What is Cloud Payroll?
Cloud Payroll is an online solution that will take businesses forward, allowing scalability for the future. It helps businesses reduce costs for headcount as well as infrastructure and is accessible from anywhere, in real-time. With PayCaptain, businesses benefit from extensive AI and automation to reduce errors and this is backed up by a dedicated support team to answer queries and ensure accurate payroll processing. Insights are available in real-time – allowing employers to have greater financial control over their business.
What is Carbon Offsetting?
Carbon offsetting is the process of countering the emissions from your everyday activities by investing in projects that reduce emissions elsewhere. For example, you could invest in a project that helps to reduce carbon emissions from a factory, tree planting or you could invest in renewable energy projects.
What is a B Corporation?
Achieving B Corp status helps the company’s audience to quickly and easily determine that the company is committed to a broader set of values than just profit-making. The audience may be made up of potential investors, potential employees, customers and partners. It eliminates the risk to the audience of working with companies who are simply ‘greenwashing.’ Becoming a B Corp demonstrates a company is a genuine advocate for stakeholder benefits. It builds trust with consumers and stakeholders.
What are the Gender Pay Gap Reporting Rules in the UK?
Gender pay gap reporting is a requirement set out by the Government Equalities Office. It applies to public authority, private and voluntary employers in the UK with over 250 employees. From 2017 onwards, employers have been required to calculate gender pay gaps for the previous payroll year.
The Importance of Switching to a Sustainable Pension
Switching to a sustainable pension has significant benefits in reducing the impact on climate change by investing in funds that have been evaluated to ensure they meet environmental, educational and social criteria. Investing in a sustainable pension helps employees meet their financial goals and allows them to invest in funds that align with their personal values. Offering sustainable pensions also has a positive impact on company reputation by responsibly investing for the future.
Switching Payroll Providers (The Ultimate Guide For Employers)
Thinking about switching payroll providers? There's a number of important steps to take before you do - here's everything you need to know when switching...
Supporting Mental Health In The Workplace
Want to provide better mental health support to employees? Here's a list of things you can start doing today...
HRIS vs. Dedicated Payroll Systems
What's better, an all-in-one HRIS, or a dedicated payroll system? In this blog we cover everything you need to know so you can make the right choice.
How to help employees who are struggling financially
Financial issues are a major cause of stress, which can lead to absenteeism. Here's how you can start better supporting your employees with their finances.
How To Create A Great Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
Having a good employer value proposition is essential if you want to create the best talent for your organisation. Here's what you need to know...
5 barriers to financial wellbeing that every company can solve
There are multiple practical interventions a company can introduce to help support the financial wellbeing of their employees.
Calling the New Financial Wellness Heroes
Payroll departments have a wonderful opportunity to help boost the financial resilience of employees and to be the financial heroes we know they are.
5 Effective Strategies For Reducing Employee Absenteeism
Struggling with employee absenteeism? Here a 5 strategies you can start using to boost employee retention and reduce staff absences...
4 Unique Ideas To Improve Employee Retention
The direct and indirect cost of constantly replacing employees can be huge! Here's how to retain more staff and create happier, more productive employees!
Impartial financial advice from MoneyHelper and Pension Wise now available through PayCaptain
PayCaptain, the payroll solution developed to pay employees and help improve their financial wellbeing, has launched new debt guidance and support functionality from MoneyHelper and Pension Wise through the PayCaptain mobile app. Learn about the new features here.
What is the Social Care Levy?
The implementation of the Social Care Levy in April 2022 is going to hit pockets – both of employers and employees. The increase in costs to be borne by businesses can be mitigated by transitioning to a Cloud Payroll solution where the functionality has already been developed and implemented, ready for the new requirements. Further mitigation and cost savings can benefit businesses through the implementation of both Sustainable Pensions and Salary Sacrifice Schemes.
Why is Payroll Important?
Payroll is an important process for every company that employs personnel. The company has a responsibility to make sure that employees are paid correctly and on time. Not only is it essential to the employees for their financial well-being and ability to meet their financial obligations, but it's also critical to the company's operations and reputation.
What are Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?
An overview of bitcoin and other crytocurrencies, how they work and the benefits and risks of the currencies.
How to help employees struggling with debt
Employers are in a position where they can help their employees about managing debt, by speaking about it in the workplace and offering support through the process. PayCaptain offers a host of innovative solutions to help employees manage their debt and improve their financial well-being.
How Do I Calculate Staff Turnover?
Understanding staff turnover rates can help business owners monitor the health of their business as well as understanding staff trends. Staff turnover can be calculated onan annual basis or monthly. Read on to see our simple formulas for calculating staff turnover.
What Is Payroll Giving & How Does It Work?
What exactly is payroll giving and how can you offer it as an employer? In this blog, we'll be covering exactly that...
The Benefit of Interactive Payslips
Payslips no longer need to be static and boring. Isn't it time that payslips are interactive, multi-language and educational.....
Save First and Spend Later
The best way to save is when you can automatically transfer money from wages into a savings account every month - this is know and save first, spend later!
Knowing your budget
PayCaptain’s goal is to improve the financial resilience of the nation and reduce the negative effects of financial stress in the workplace. It’s an entirely new revolutionary way to pay employees. It puts them in control of their money and empowers them to manage their money in the best possible way for their needs.
The Importance of Charitable Giving
Payroll Giving offers employers and employees an additional benefit in the form of donation matching. A payroll giving function can allows employers to match employees’ donations each month - a great way of doubling the amount paid to charity and a benefit you can only get via payroll giving.

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