Which is the best payroll company in the UK?

Which is the best payroll company in the UK?
Which is the best payroll company in the UK?Which is the best payroll company in the UK?

When companies are looking at changing their payroll solution, we always recommend prospective clients look at other outsourced payroll solutions in the market too. This allows them to compare service levels, costs, reviews and functionality that’s available. 

Not ones to shy away from talking about other companies in our marketplace, we’ve compiled a list which we hope you’ll find helpful. These are all companies with a solid customer base and provide payroll services to businesses large and small across the UK.

Good payroll companies for startups:

  1. Xero Payroll

Xero Payroll is a cloud-based payroll solution suited to small startup businesses. The payroll solution is HMRC-recognised and helps business owners keep accurate payroll records and submits payment and deduction information to HMRC. The maximum number of active employees on Xero Payroll is 200. 

  1. Sage People Payroll

Sage People Payroll has a long history of providing payroll services in the UK. Founded in Newcastle upon Tyne, the Sage Group is now headquartered in San Jose, California and has over six million customers worldwide and over 13,000 employees. 

  1. Local Accountant

Many accountants offer a payroll processing service, which is particularly beneficial for micro-companies with no payroll team in-house. The accountant will keep the company’s payroll compliant with legislation and can process payroll for companies with one employee upwards.

How much do accountants charge for payroll?

Good payroll companies for SMEs:

  1. Payfit

Payfit allows the company user to make salary changes and enter or modify payroll variables up until the payroll is ready for processing. It then automatically generates and distributes payslips to the company’s employees. It’s HMRC-recognised and submits real time information (RTI) automatically.

  1. MoorePay

Owned by Zellis, MoorePay is a well-established provider of online payroll software that’s recognised by HMRC and accredited by the CIPP’s Payroll Assurance Scheme.

  1. Pento

Pento is an automated payroll solution that comes with reliable support from their payroll team. The solution works in real-time providing access to information when the company needs it. The payroll process is controlled in-house. 

Good payroll companies for Enterprise:

  1. IRIS Fully Managed Payroll

IRIS offers a wide range of options from payroll software to managed payroll and outsourcing for UK and international businesses. IRIS Fully Managed Payroll uses a BACS-approved payroll bureau and they handle every part of the payroll process.

  1. Workday

Workday offers a full range of payroll needs by working with outsourced partners who provide complementary payroll services. Support for the UK is provided by Alight and OneSource Virtual. 

  1. ADP 

ADP has different solutions for SMEs and Enterprise businesses. Based in the US, the company operates in 140 countries and enables businesses to process payroll to employees across the world.  

So, depending on your needs and the size of your organisation,  the list above is a selection of companies or options to research when you’re considering changing your payroll software or payroll outsourcing in the UK. 

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