Payroll reports

Gain invaluable insight into your labour costs and payroll allocation with a suite of comprehensive payroll reports from PayCaptain. Identify trends, forecast future needs with confidence and improve decision-making with accurate information at your fingertips.

PayCaptain’s powerful cloud-based payroll software allows employers to approve payroll in a few clicks, optimise resources and budget more effectively with detailed, customised employee payroll reports.

Keep your business compliant with payroll real time reporting. Minimise the risk of costly errors and penalties with timely and accurate submissions of monthly payroll reports and end of year payroll reports.

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What is a payroll report?

Payroll reports are created every pay period and display specific financial information at employee and company level including employee data, pay rates, hours worked, deductions and net pay. Specific payroll reports must be submitted under Real Time Information (‘RTI’) reporting to HMRC monthly. Other reports are required to be submitted annually.

Quick and easy, detailed payroll reports are available with PayCaptain’s HMRC-recognised payroll software. PayCaptain’s comprehensive suite of payroll reports allow employers to manage and approve payroll, ensuring employees are paid correctly, on time. Generated by employers or payroll software providers, payroll reports ensure accurate record-keeping and compliance with HMRC regulations.

Payroll Reports

With business-critical information available at the click of a button, PayCaptain’s payroll reporting software delivers invaluable insights for more informed decision-making.   Our payroll dashboard provides detailed reports on pay and rewards, resources and employee use of financial wellbeing tools including payroll savings and salary advances,

giving employers more insight into how they can support their people. PayCaptain’s report-builder software allows for new custom reports and dashboards to be created quickly and easily, without the need for external specialists.

Types of payroll reports

Providing a huge amount of insightful data, payroll reports are customisable to an employer’s needs. Standard payroll reports include:

Payroll Management Reports

Payroll management reports

Payroll management reports cover payroll approval, journals, and analysis for HR, Payroll, and Finance Managers to assess labor costs pre- or post-processing. Monthly reports detail costs, pension contributions, gross to net data, employee payments, and exceptions.

Monthly Payroll Reports

Monthly payroll reports

FPS and EPS are mandatory HMRC reports for Real Time Information regulations, along with other monthly reports covering payroll costs, pension contributions, gross to net figures, employee payments, and exceptions.

Annual Management Reports

Annual payroll reports for HMRC

Final Full Payment Submission and Employment Summaries are mandatory submissions to HMRC and are generated automatically at the end of year. Other standard reports include P60 and P11Ds provided to employees, gender pay gap reports and employee summaries

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Benefits of payroll reports

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Keeps your business compliant

Eliminates the risk of errors with HR and payroll legislation and tax requirements and prevents financial penalties

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Saves time

Reduces manual checking and ensures timely and accurate submission of employee payroll reports to HMRC

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Builds trust

Ensures your employees are paid correctly on time, every time and improves internal communication. Transparent payroll reporting fosters trust and confidence in pay, deductions and benefits information

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Saves money

Payroll analysis reports identify trends and patterns, allowing you to optimise staffing levels, manage expenses more effectively and drive operational efficiencies

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Improves decision-making

Detailed payroll reports offer insights into employee productivity, turnover rates and labour distribution across departments or projects

How to create payroll reports

Straightforward, intuitive and easy to use, PayCaptain’s report-builder groups and summarises payroll data in a suite of standard reports, accessible at the touch of a button. Large amounts of data can be visualised easily by adding graphs to payroll reports, providing all the employee payroll data you need to make the best decisions for your business. New custom reports and dashboards can be created quickly in-house when needed.

Create Payroll Reports

Payroll reports dashboard

View a large amount of HR and payroll information  on screen with pre-built dashboards. HR Statistics and KPI’s - including staff turnover, retention and length of service analysis, reasons for leaving, and general demographics.

The PayCaptain Payroll App
Payroll Statistic

Payroll statistics

Review payroll costs for a period and identify trends and patterns in the data

Data Integrity and Exceptions

Data integrity and exceptions

Dashboards to help ensure high levels of data quality and compliance

What do our customers think of our payroll reports?


We get better and more detailed information than we’ve ever had before, which of course allows better decision-making. I get virtually unlimited information about our employees and their pay, so when it comes to approving the payroll at the end of the month, my job is very, very simple and easy.

Frank Bandura

Chief Financial Officer
Gusto Italian - a PayCaptain customer

The employee experience is unmatched and the visual reporting makes my life easier when approving things.

Chantal Wilson

People Director

Where we’ve needed additional reporting, they have built these within 48 hours.

Nicola Setchell

Chief Financial Officer
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I outsource payroll reporting to a third party?

When employers outsource payroll to a third party, both the payroll software provider and the employer run payroll reports. The payroll service provider is responsible for calculating and processing payroll and submitting reports on the employer’s behalf. The employer should always run their own reports, analysing payroll data before approving payroll. Once approved, the outsourced payroll service provider submits FPS and EPS payroll reports to HMRC, generates online payslips and makes payments to employees.

What are the penalties for late submission of payroll reports in the UK?

Penalties for late submission of payroll reports to HMRC depend on the number of employees a company has. The penalties are monthly and if a company runs more than one Pay As You Earn scheme (‘PAYE’) they will be charged penalties for each scheme that’s late. The penalties range from £100 to £400 per scheme per month. Eliminating the risk of penalties, PayCaptain submits all mandatory reports to HMRC on behalf of the employer as part of the standard offering.

What monthly payroll reports should be submitted to HMRC?

Mandatory payroll reporting requirements for HMRC are monthly Full Payment Submission report (‘FPS’), on or before the day that employees are paid and Employment Payment Summary (‘EPS’), which should be submitted on or before the 19th of the month following the date of payroll.

What is gender pay gap reporting?

Gender pay gap reporting applies to private, public authority and voluntary employers with a headcount of more than 250 employees. It’s a legal requirement set out by the Government Equalities Office for annual payroll reports that show the average earnings of men and women in their workforce between certain dates. Employers must submit this information by a specific deadline and publish this information in a prominent position on their website. The purpose of gender pay gap reporting is to identify and address any inequalities in pay between men and women for equal or similar work.

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