Flexible Payments

Incentivise employees for work well done or pay expenses as they occur with customisable payments by push notification. Flexible payments from PayCaptain let employers recognise and reward - or repay - their people part way through the payroll period, while giving them control of how they manage their money.

Highlighting the value of an employee’s efforts, push notifications alert an employee to ad hoc payments through PayCaptain’s payroll app. Offering exceptional flexibility while ‘nudging’ the recipient towards responsible financial behaviour, employees are given the choice of how they want to receive their money.

Leading to higher job satisfaction by making employees feel recognised and rewarded, offering flexible payments shows the value employers place on their employees and their financial wellbeing, fostering a positive work environment. Communicated via the PayCaptain mobile payroll app, flexible payments are a valuable benefit, putting money back into the pockets of employees and in control of their pay.

What are the benefits of flexible payments from PayCaptain?

Attracts the top talent

Attractive employee benefits differentiate employers in a competitive job market.

Improves employees cash flow

By reimbursing expenses as they occur, employees benefit from stronger cash flow, reducing stress and financial difficulties.

Increases Productivity

Employees feel more in control of their finances, leading to less absenteeism and presenteeism from financial stress.

Increases loyalty and retention

Employees feel more financially secure and supported, reducing employee turnover.

Makes employees feel valued

By rewarding good performance and success as it happens - like paying commission once a contract is signed - employees build financial stability and confidence, while feeling appreciated for work well done.

Enhances reputation

Companies offering innovative financial solutions build a strong employer brand and are seen as progressive and employee-centric.

Decreases advance requests

Employers may see fewer requests for salary advances or loans, simplifying financial management and budgeting for employees.

Relieving pressure on cash-strapped employees with fast and efficient expense repayments

Speed up repayment of expenses with flexible payments from PayCaptain. Settlement of money owed is fast and efficient, helping employees manage their cashflow, reducing their financial stress and preventing them from having to rely on short-term expensive credit cards.

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