Online payslips

Increase employee satisfaction by giving instant access to payroll with our online payslips. Transform the getting paid experience, boost engagement, motivation and loyalty with electronic payslips from the most helpful payroll solution on the planet.

Improve your employees’ finances and wellbeing by giving them the information they need, when they need it with modern, flexible HMRC-recognised payroll software.

Online Payslips

Benefits of our online payslips

Support Solutions

Support solutions

Relieves pressure on your payroll team with help icons and AI chatbot to answer payroll queries

Clear Pay Statements

Clear pay statements

Increases employee understanding of pay and rewards with clear, simple-to-understand electronic payslips

Engaged Payroll participation

Engaged payroll participation

Increases financial wellbeing by driving higher employee engagement in the payroll process

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Green Solutions

Green solutions

Reduces your impact on the environment by eliminating paper-based payslips

Efficient Solution

Efficient solutions

Improves employee relations by communicating updates and changes efficiently

Management Tools

Management tools

Helps employees manage their budgets with automatic payments and salary advances

Online Payslips Access

Online payslip access

Provides quick and convenient access for employees to view payslips online. Important payroll information, both current and past is available to view via our payroll app

Payroll App

HMRC-recognised online payslips

Accessible and flexible, our HMRC-recognised online payslips let employees view pay and reward information quickly and easily, helping them engage more with their payroll. Building trust between employers and their teams, online payslips empower employees by providing access to clear, easy-to-understand payroll information, including earnings, deductions, pensions and savings.

What do online payslips look like?

With PayCaptain, employees can check payslips online anytime, anywhere via our-award-winning payroll app:

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Interactive graphical payslips break down payroll into three areas – gross pay, deductions and payments. Help icons and an AI chatbot answer most frequently asked questions and payroll queries, reducing calls to busy payroll teams

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The world’s first Plain Numbers-certified payslip offers a clear, simple format with straightforward language and clear explanations of pay and deductions. These payslips increase understanding for employees with lower numeracy skills.

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What do our customers think about our online payslips?


I love the experience of being able to understand my payslip… something I have never done before. I love also the fact that I can see my pension directly in the payslip


Employee paid via PayCaptain

I really appreciate the breakdown of the payslip. I like knowing exactly what the deductions are in a very clear and easy to read format. Having that breakdown makes me feel a lot more informed of what’s being deducted and why.


Employee paid via PayCaptain

I love the fact I can see how much I have earnt in the month leading up to my payday. This has helped me plan ahead with my spending.


Employee paid via PayCaptain
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are online payslips?

Online payslips are a summary of pay, deductions and rewards available electronically. Employees can check payslips online either through a mobile payroll app, an online payslip portal or via secure login to a payroll provider’s website. Many payroll providers also offer electronic payslips in PDF format via email.  

Can online payslips be customised?

PayCaptain can customise payslips to the employer’s existing brand and tone of voice, creating an online payslip view that aligns with company assets, helping payroll to become an important part of the overall brand experience.

Can I view my payslip online?

Many outsourced payroll providers offer the functionality for employees to view payslips online, whether through a dedicated online payslips portal or via a payroll app. Depending on which payroll software is used by employers dictates whether employees can check their payslip online.

Is checking my payslip online secure?

Our HMRC-recognised online payslip system has rigorous security in place to protect sensitive employee information. PayCaptain is certified to ISO27001 which is a voluntary standard but demonstrates the highest levels of security within a financial services business. Security measures include enhanced data encryption and secure data transmission protocols. This significantly reduces the risk of unauthorised access or data breaches compared to paper-based payslips.

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