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Catering to diverse communication preferences and needs, our multi-channel approach to help desk support allows employees to seek help and support in the most convenient way for themselves. Whether they prefer the immediacy of our AI chatbot, live chat or phone calls or the discretion of email, WhatsApp messaging or raising a case online, our flexible options reduce hesitation or embarrassment for employees asking questions, ensuring they receive the support they need, when they need it.

Benefits of PayCaptain’s employee support

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Greater flexibility and choice

The option to connect to our UK support team through one of six channels allows employees to choose the most comfortable method for them, resulting in increased engagement and satisfaction.

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Saves time and money

Offering employees a reliable place to go for help relieves the employer of the typical burden of responding to repetitive or more complex payroll questions.

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Reduces recruitment costs

Supporting employees via payroll, and making them feel valued, reduces staff turnover, the cost of recruitment and training for new starters.

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Protects the employer’s reputation

Effective payroll support for employees reflects well on the employer, showing it values its team and their wellbeing.

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Engages the whole workforce

This highly valued employee benefit improves communication and makes employees feel supported, fairly treated and appreciated. High quality employee support helps attract new staff by demonstrating the importance of employee wellbeing to  the employer.

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Improved accessibility

The user-friendly mobile payroll app ensures that pay and reward information is accessible for all employees, including those with disabilities or limited technical skills for better understanding and engagement.

Payroll Experts

Increasing satisfaction with exceptional employee support

A multi-channel approach to employee support offers accessibility and convenience by allowing employees to choose their preferred communication method. Ensuring faster response times and more personalised support, the multi-channel approach fosters more responsive, efficient and engaging communication, providing answers quicker and increasing employee satisfaction.

PayCaptain offers six channels, letting employees receive support for frequently asked payroll queries and answers to more complex payroll enquiries by their preferred method:

AI chatbot

24/7 instant responses to frequently asked payroll queries including explanations of deductions and tax codes


Live chat

Available during office hours, our live chat connects employees with one of our payroll specialists



Offering another communication channel, employees connect with our payroll specialists during office hours



Connecting directly to a CIPP-qualified payroll expert during office hours, when users call, their last payslip automatically appears on screen enabling the PayCaptain Team to offer immediate support



Useful for employees to send documents, raise non-urgent queries or detailed requests, enquiries can be sent 24/7 and responded to in office hours


Raising a case online

Accessible through either the desktop or the PayCaprain mobile app, employees can log issues for responses in office hours.

A Payroll Solution Employees

A payroll solution employees can rely on

Employee experience is a key focus for PayCaptain. Paying employees correctly on time, every time improves financial management, health and wellbeing while reducing financial stress. PayCaptain’s payroll software provides a raft of innovative functionality to improve financial resilience, including payroll savings, avoiding expensive credit with salary advances and building funds for a more comfortable retirement.

Helping employees build for a brighter future

Making payroll a positive experience for both employers and employees, PayCaptain is a fully outsourced payroll solution that puts employees in control of their pay whilst delivering an optimised, modern and flexible system for employers. More than just a commodity product or a necessary administration task, PayCaptain payroll adds value by supporting employees.

With nearly 50%* of the UK population having less than £1,500 in savings, many with no savings at all, employers who use PayCaptain demonstrate their commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of their employees, helping them build for a more financially secure future.

PayCaptain features that deliver enhanced employee support

Payroll App Offer
payroll Savings

Payroll savings

Helping employees build security and helping them to deal with financial emergencies if they arise.


Helping employees create financial independence and comfort in later years.

Salary advances

Regular payments to manage the weekly budget or one-off payments to deal with unexpected bills and payments.

Debt management and advice

Signposting to expert advice and support, reducing overwhelm and financial stress.

Payment splitting

Ensuring important payments are never missed.

Flexible payments

Expenses reimbursement and payment of commission and bonuses to suit employees.

Focusing on employee support and their overall experience, not just the administrative process, PayCaptain helps employees manage their pay and improve their financial health and wellbeing, leading the way for modern companies to pay their people.

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