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HMRC-recognised payroll software

Pay your employees correctly on time, every time with fast, accurate and reliable HMRC-recognised payroll software from PayCaptain. Making payroll a breeze, our cloud-based software keeps your business safe and protected by reducing errors and ensuring compliance.

PayCaptain improves the getting-paid experience for your employees - helping them gain control of their finances, leading to a happier, healthier team and a more productive workplace.

What is HMRC-recognised software?

PayCaptain’s HMRC-recognised payroll software keeps businesses compliant with payroll legislation and Real Time Information (RTI) reporting requirements.

HMRC recognition means PayCaptain meets rigorous standards and requirements for payroll processing, ensuring accuracy in tax calculations and deductions. Seamlessly integrated with HMRC payroll systems, PayCaptain is RTI-compliant and delivers a streamlined, fast and efficient payroll experience.

Say goodbye to cumbersome, inflexible payroll software. With PayCaptain, you’ll have complete confidence in your payroll, while delivering a modern, flexible benefit for your employees.

HMRC Recognised Payroll Software

What are the benefits of using HMRC-recognised payroll software?

Compliance Assurance

Compliance assurance

Keeps businesses compliant by ensuring all payroll data is accurate and payroll reports are submitted on time

Error Reducing Automation

Error-reducing automation

Reduces errors with advanced automation, digitisation and exception reporting

Pension Automation

Pension automation

Saves time with automatic pension scheme communication and enrolment

Efficient Team Focus

Efficient team focus

Reduces processing time, allowing your HR and payroll team to focus on your employees

Cloud Based HMRC

Cloud-based HMRC

Simplifies the HMRC payroll process with cloud-based software that’s available anytime, anywhere

Efficient Payroll Management

Efficient payroll management

Saves time and money by reducing admin and queries associated with payroll

HMRC Recognised Payroll Software

Who is our HMRC payroll software for?

PayCaptain’s payroll software suits any size of business, from 50 employees to 5000 and more.

Offering an HMRC-recognised payroll solution for small to medium business, PayCaptain saves time and money, ensuring expertise from CIPP-accredited payroll specialists who support your in-house team. Easily scalable, our HMRC payroll software is also perfect for larger businesses and those that want to grow.

Accurate, flexible, versatile and focused on employee wellbeing, PayCaptain is the way modern companies pay their people.

How to switch to our HMRC-recognised payroll software

With your own dedicated team of payroll experts who make onboarding a breeze, you can relax, knowing you’re in safe hands.


You’ll introduce us to your current payroll provider so we can import and verify your payroll data


PayCaptain is configured to your needs with a parallel payroll run to validate the numbers


Your payroll administrators are brought up to speed with training and support


Your employees are onboarded with personalised training materials and presentations


PayCaptain goes live


What do our customers think about our HMRC-recognised payroll software?


The software and payroll app are extremely user friendly and our monthly payroll process has been streamlined to allow us more time focusing on our business and less time checking and submitting reports.

Graham Hale

Operations Manager
Bart and Taylor

An employer and employee offering that’s agile, flexible and accurate… and makes pay easier to manage and understand [both] as an employee and as an employer.

Annie Carter

Human Resources Director
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What’s really great is the industry expertise and regulatory understanding that PayCaptain has. They’re able to give us help or explain a way we might navigate some new legislation.

Charlie Michael

Chief People & Sustainability Officer
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HMRC approved payroll software?

The correct term is ‘HMRC-recognised payroll software,’ rather than ‘HMRC approved payroll software,’ ‘HMRC recommended payroll software’ or ‘HMRC accredited payroll software.’ HMRC doesn’t recommend any payroll software over another. It’s essential that to process payroll, service providers’ software is HMRC-recognised. 

HMRC maintains a list of recognised payroll software providers. For software to be recognised by HMRC, it goes through rigorous testing to ensure accurate calculations and successful transfer of all relevant data to HMRC’s payroll systems. Software must meet strict security requirements for data processing, storage and transmission.

Does HMRC payroll software make pension deductions?

HMRC-recognised payroll software manages pension deductions by integrating pension schemes seamlessly into payroll processes. Outsourced payroll service providers automate pension calculations, ensuring accurate deductions in line with pension regulations and employee contributions. This streamlines the administration of pension schemes, reduces errors and ensures the employer complies with HMRC’s pension auto-enrolment requirements.

Not only does PayCaptain’s HMRC-recognised payroll software offer a suite of pensions, but other highly valuable employee benefits include payroll savings, salary advances and other wellness features.

Why should I choose HMRC software for payroll?

Choosing HMRC-recognised payroll software means businesses keep compliant with UK tax regulations through accurate calculations and timely submissions. Businesses benefit from up-to-date tax calculations, clear and easy-to-understand online payslips, seamless integration with HMRC payroll systems and robust security measures. Payroll software that’s HMRC recognised streamlines payroll processes and minimises the risk of errors, saving time and reducing costly penalties.

Does HMRC payroll software integrate with other systems?

Integrated with best-in-class HR and workforce management solutions, PayCaptain delivers a seamless HR and payroll experience for both employees and payroll team. Increasing transparency and accuracy, real-time open APIs let HR and payroll data flow in both directions, for robust, up-to-the-minute reporting and improved decision-making. PayCaptain can integrate with any other Cloud software that has public APIs, within 72 hours.

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