Pension Dashboard

Pension Dashboard

PayCaptain’s unique pension dashboard delivers clear and detailed investment and benefits information to employees for their retirement. The only payroll software to provide centralised pensions data, PayCaptain not only puts employees in control of their pay, but also in control of their future.

Helping employees make more informed decisions by prompting awareness of future retirement income, the pension dashboard in PayCaptain’s HMRC-recognised payroll software gives employees visibility of whether they’re on track to meet their financial targets.

Easy to access and manage through our mobile payroll app, historical and current pensions can be compiled onto an easy to understand dashboard displaying provider information and balances.

Benefits of PayCaptain’s pension dashboard

Ease of Management

Ease of management

Employees can see all their pension pots in one place, including workplace and personal pensions, eliminating the need to manage multiple pensions individually.

Improved Engagement

Improved engagement

The convenient single platform encourages employees to take a more active role in managing their pensions, leading to higher engagement and better retirement outcomes.

Improved Financial Planning

Improved financial planning

Having a clear overview of retirement savings in one place, employees can make more informed decisions about their financial future.

Transparency and Clarity

Transparency and clarity

Clear information including value, fees and projected income helps employees understand the performance and costs associated with their pensions.

Drives Better Decision Making

Drives better decision-making

Pension calculators and income projection tools help employees understand the impact of different choices on their retirement income.

Supporting better decision-making for improved financial outcomes

Allowing employees to boost their retirement savings beyond standard contributions, additional voluntary contributions lead to higher retirement income and more secure futures. Managed through PayCaptain’s outsourced payroll and clearly shown on employees’ online payslips, additional voluntary contributions provide a tax efficient way to invest.

Enabling employees to choose how much and how often to contribute to AVCs, PayCaptain’s pension dashboard allows adjustments to funds invested according to an individual’s financial position. Providing employees more visibility and control over their pensions and investments gives more clarity and transparency, leading to better decision-making and improved retirement outcomes. Coupled with payroll saving and savings pots and automation, PayCaptain puts employees in control of their pay for improved financial health and wellbeing.

Improved Financial Outcomes
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