Automated Payroll

Automated Payroll

Imagine if you could automate your entire payroll process, including all the PAYE calculations, payments to employees and third parties, submissions to HMRC and pension providers and publishing payslips. 

Combined with clever algorithms to alert you if anything doesn’t look quite right at any point in the process.  Also combined with a helpful team of Payroll Experts ready to help you and your employees with any questions. you can with PayCaptain’s Intelligent Payroll Automation.

What Is Automated Payroll?

We’re making it easy for employers like you to streamline and automate their entire payroll process.

And the best part is, you’re always in full control over what you automate and what you don’t.

Using the latest AI and cloud-based technologies, PayCaptain takes care of all the heavy lifting and calculations. Meaning, you can approve and run your entire payroll process without even one click!

No more spreadsheets and clunky payroll software

Finally...say goodbye to mammoth spreadsheets or clunky legacy software that causes more problems than solutions.

With PayCaptain, you’ll have everything you need to run reporting, onboard new team members, and run payroll right at your fingertips.

How Does PayCaptain’s Payroll Automation Software Work?

Firstly, our payroll experts will work with you to identify what parts of the process you want to automate and what you want to run in-house.

From there, you’ll be able to use PayCaptain’s Cloud-Based Software to choose what to automate and what not to, meaning you can always go at your own pace.

Want to automate the entire process? No problem, PayCaptain’s innovative Payroll Engine will run all the calculations each month, then simply send you the details for authorisation. Meaning you can focus on the work that really matters.

Automated Payroll, Dedicated Support

We pride ourselves on our support, meaning you’ll always have access to UK based humans should you ever have any questions or want to speak to anyone for assistance.

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