An international partnership on a mission to deliver high quality HR & Payroll services through real local experts, with PayCaptain as a founding member!

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We’re delighted to announce the launch of Payrocks! The answer to your multi-country payroll woes.

It’s time for a global payroll revolution!

The multi-country payroll market is expected to grow by 27% in Europe during 2023-2027, while the domestic market growth is expected to grow by maximum 5% depending on country to country.

While some vendors claim to be global and many aggregators are entering the market, the conclusion of many analysts including Gartner is very clear:

We can all stop looking for the ‘one global services solution’.
It does not exist.
Payroll is local. Hybrid is normal. And there is a way to make it all work.

Looking for a better global payroll service

The crucial question is: How can international customers be better served? The customer must be able to decide whether he wants to have a global contract with an international provider and possibly annoy his local customers, or whether he wants different contracts for each country but top local know-how.

The mission of the Payrocks international partnership is to deliver high quality HR & Payroll services through real local experts. Payrocks guarantees the local knowledge and full compliancy with local legislation.

Who are the “Payrockers”?

Payrocks is an international alliance of 7 HR and payroll providers active in 13 countries and with a total of well over 3000 employees processing more than 2 million payslips per month - all with shared values and DNA:

- PayCaptain, active in UK

- Paychex, active in Germany

- ZetaService, active in Italy

- Grupo Atisa, active in Spain, Portugal and Andorra

- Contract Administration, active in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia

- Securex, active in Benelux

- Nibelis, active in France

Simon Bocca, Founder & CEO of PayCaptain, shared his enthusiasm for the launch of Payrocks and underlined the significance of PayCaptain's role as a founding member by saying:
"The emergence of Payrocks is a pivotal moment in the ever-evolving multi-country payroll market. Being one of the founding members, PayCaptain is deeply committed to revolutionising the global payroll landscape. Our mission with Payrocks is to provide payroll services of the highest quality, backed by local expertise and full compliance with local regulations. We understand the unique needs of our international customers, and Payrocks is our bold solution to better serve them."
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