How the integration of PayCaptain and Bamboo HR is enhancing the employee experience

How the integration of PayCaptain and Bamboo HR is enhancing the employee experience
How the integration of PayCaptain and Bamboo HR is enhancing the employee experienceHow the integration of PayCaptain and Bamboo HR is enhancing the employee experience

Committed to making the lives of HR and payroll professionals’ easier, we’re delighted to announce the integration of PayCaptain with Bamboo HR. Bamboo HR is a human resources information system (‘HRIS’) that saves time and effort, so businesses can focus on growing their workforce and delivering their employees a great HR experience.


What functionality does Bamboo HR offer?

Bamboo HR is an innovative HR platform that brings all elements of HR together:

HR Data & Reporting: A suite of 49 pre-built reports means employers and HR professionals can leverage HR data to make meaningful decisions and take action within the business. Proactive management through data-driven decision-making means business can enhance the employees’ experience, invest in their people and offer ongoing professional development for increased retention and satisfaction.


Hiring, Onboarding & Offboarding: Bamboo HR helps business attract, attain and retain the best talent. With inbuilt tools, Bamboo HR seamlessly supports the recruitment process then provides new employees with a high-quality onboarding experience, creating a great first impression and setting them up for success from the very beginning.

With in-built automation and exceptional data integrity, Bamboo HR helps businesses deliver a seamless experience for employees joining or leaving the organisation.


Payroll, Time & Benefits: Bamboo HR allows businesses and HR professionals to track employee hours worked, pay and benefits. With the seamless integration between Bamboo HR and PayCaptain, data is updated in PayCaptain in real-time, eliminating the need for double entry of data and eradicating potential costly mistakes.

By integrating Bamboo HR and PayCaptain, employers can offer their people an enhanced user experience, improve their financial wellbeing and offer them more tools to increase their financial resilience. Employers using the two solutions streamline their operations and improve internal efficiencies.


Employee Experience & Performance: Bamboo HR helps to deliver a stronger company culture by enabling employers to invest in professional development and improving two-way communication. Employers can understand what matters to their people with feedback and sentiment tools within the solution. With increased communication, employers can deliver an enhanced employee experience for higher levels of retention and increased business growth.

Benefits Administration with seamless integration: Employees can elect their benefits and enrol in benefit schemes within Bamboo HR. Benefits deductions sync with PayCaptain payroll, so everything is calculated automatically, saving time and eliminating errors.

Bamboo HR doesn’t offer benefits, but integrates with benefits providers to make it quick and easy for employees to make and view their benefit selections and export data to partner solutions.  


How does the integration of PayCaptain and Bamboo HR help businesses?

PayCaptain and Bamboo HR offer businesses the opportunity to enhance the employee experience with two best-in-class integrated solutions with seamless data transfer and world-leading tools.

Business operations are streamlined between the solutions, giving employees visibility of their HR and payroll information as well as offering further integrated solutions for a more holistic experience.

With seamless integration between the solutions, data is updated in real-time, saving businesses time and money by eliminating double-entry and ensuring accuracy of data.


What functionality does PayCaptain offer?

A multi-award-winning cloud-based payroll solution, PayCaptain offers anexceptional array of functionality to improve the financial wellbeing andresilience of employees. Tools, functions and benefits can be accessed throughthe PayCaptain app as well as desktop solution.  

Interactive payslips: These are graphical payslips which break down payments and deductions for employees. Employees can click on Help icons for more information on how their deductions have been calculated so they know exactly how their pay has been worked out. Help icons explain tax, NICs, student loan and pension calculations directly on the payslip.

Savings: Employees can pre-plan the amount to save and it's automatically transferred from net pay. This builds some resilience for times of financial hardship.

Help and support: PayCaptain’s AI Chatbot can answer the most frequently asked questions raised by employees about their pay. For those employees that prefer to speak to an expert in person, they can be transferred to a member of the PayCaptain team for more guidance and support.

When the employee calls PayCaptain, their last payslip automatically comes up onscreen for the advisor so they can handle the enquiry quickly and efficiently.

Payment splitting: This enables employees to make payments direct from their net pay to family members, landlords, loans, credit cards, etc – eliminating risk of missing an important payment.

Money planning tool: This is a tool where employees can create a personal budget which will help them manage their monthly finances better and may give them the ability to make better savings provision.

Benefits checker: This is a free anonymous benefit-checking tool to see if the employee may be eligible for any benefits that they may not have been previously aware of. The checker also provides links to application forms and produces a helpful report for the employee.

Personalised financial guidance: Trusted,impartial and confidential financial guidance from Money Helper can be accessed directly through the PayCaptain app.

On demand pay: This is where companies can give their employees access to payments when they need them (as long as the wages have been accrued), even if it’s outside of the regular pay period.

Pensions: PayCaptain is integrated with several pension providers to help employees build financial resilience for later life.

While PayCaptain delivers functionality to improve the financial wellbeing of employees, with an impressive array of tech incorporated into the solution, running payroll becomes a breeze for payroll professionals and business owners too.

Using the latest cloud-based and AI technologies, PayCaptain automates and streamlines processes, saving time and money as well as eliminating manual errors. From calculating PAYE and creating payslips to making submissions to HMRC and third parties, PayCaptain can automate the entire payroll process.

In summary, the integration of Bamboo HR and PayCaptain offers businesses two world-class solutions that pass employee data seamlessly between them, increasing accuracy and reducing errors. The integration means businesses have more choice for their vital business tools, an improved HR and payroll function and the ability to deliver an enhanced user experience for their employees.