Another exciting integration - PayCaptain and Deputy!

Another exciting integration - PayCaptain and Deputy!
Another exciting integration - PayCaptain and Deputy!Another exciting integration - PayCaptain and Deputy!

Continuing our quest to make the lives of business owners, HR and payroll professionals easier, we’re delighted to give you more insight into the seamless integration between PayCaptain and Deputy, a workforce management solution loved by over 340,000 workplaces globally.

Deputy is on a mission to simplify shift work and create thriving workplaces in every community. Businesses can easily use Deputy to schedule staff, control labour costs, and simplify time sheets – because ‘Life is made for living, not scheduling.’


Managing teams is challenging — now more than ever. Deputy simplifies the work by streamlining employee admin, so employers and their teams can focus on what matters.

Deputy helps businesses become more profitable, connected and trusted by each team member, and their goal is to make that happen for workplaces in every community, worldwide.


Pairing two ‘best in class’ solutions for a seamless HR and payroll experience offers more opportunities for employers to attract and retain talent.  The integration between Deputy and PayCaptain means that data is updated in real-time, giving employees more visibility of their HR and payroll information, such as hours worked, overtime payments and salary accrued throughout the month.


What is Deputy?

Deputy is a cloud-based workforce management solution which offers HR solutions that help businesses of all sizes manage their workforce more effectively. It offers many features, including time tracking, scheduling, payroll and compliance management.


Deputy's solution makes businesses' lives more accessible in several ways. Deputy can help to save time and money on HR administration by automating manual tasks, such as calculating time sheets and payroll. This frees up HR staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.


The solution helps improve employee engagement and satisfaction. Employees can use Deputy to self-schedule shifts, view their time sheets and request time off. This gives employees more control over their working lives and improves morale and productivity.


Deputy can help businesses to gain valuable insights into their workforce. The solution provides a variety of reports that can be used to track employee performance, identify trends and make better and more informed business decisions.


Deputy can also help to reduce compliance risk. It helps businesses comply with all applicable HR legislation by tracking employee hours and overtime. It can also generate reports that help businesses to identify and address potential compliance issues.


“Become the business everyone wants to work for — where staff scheduling is simple. Create and share schedules in seconds. Make it easy to swap shifts. No spreadsheets required.”



Key features in Deputy’s solution:

Time tracking: Deputy's time tracking feature makes it easy for employees to track their hours worked. Employees can clock in and out using the Deputy app or a web browser. It also offers a variety of features to help employers track employee hours.


Scheduling: Deputy's scheduling feature helps employers create and manage employee schedules and rotas. Employers can create templates for recurring rotas and easily swap shifts and make other changes as needed. Deputy also offers a mobile app for employees to view their schedules and request time off. Deputy can send employees notifications about upcoming shifts and, in the event of employee absence, will show recommended employees available to cover shifts at short notice.


Payroll: Deputy's payroll feature automates many of the tasks involved in payroll processing. With the seamless integration to PayCaptain, the most helpful payroll solution on the planet, the employee experience is enhanced, increasing satisfaction, loyalty and wellbeing.



How does PayCaptain help?

With a real-time integration with Deputy, employees have up-to-the-minute visibility of their payroll position, which leads to higher levels of satisfaction, increased engagement in the payroll process and the ability for employees to improve their financial planning and resilience. Having this seamless solution is an important and valuable staff benefit.


Employees benefit from PayCaptain’s extensive functionality, which includes::


Interactive payslips: Graphical payslips which break down payments and deductions for employees. Employees can click Help icons for more information on how their deductions have been calculated so they know exactly how their pay has been worked out. Help icons explain tax, NICs, student loans and pension calculations directly on the payslip.


PayCaptain has launched the world’s first Plain Numbers-certified payslips which apply a unique and innovative approach to the provision of payroll information to increase understanding for those with lower numeracy skills.  


Pensions: PayCaptain is integrated with several pension providers to help employees build financial resilience for later life. Employees can access all their pension pots through the PayCaptain Pensions Dashboard, giving them more visibility of their investments and giving them the ability to make better decisions while planning for their financial future.


Savings: Employees can pre-plan the amount to save and it's automatically transferred from net pay. This builds resilience for times of financial hardship.


Payment splitting: This enables employees to make payments directly from their net pay to family members, landlords, loans, credit cards etc – eliminating the risk of missing an important payment.


On demand pay: This is where companies can give their employees access to payments when they need them - as long as the wages have been accrued - even if it’s outside of the regular pay period. Employees, for example, can set up a weekly transfer into their bank account to pay for travel and expenses for the week ahead.


Emergency pay: Employees can request an emergency payment – as long as wages have been accrued – to help them deal with an emergency or unexpected situation if they don’t have savings set aside. This prevents them from having to rely on high-cost loans or credit card usage.


Money planning tool: This is a tool where employees can create a personal budget which will help them manage their monthly finances better and may give them the ability to make better savings provision.


Benefits checker: This is a free anonymous benefit-checking tool to see if the employee may be eligible for any benefits that they may not have been previously aware of. The checker also provides links to application forms and produces a helpful report for the employee.


Personalised financial guidance: Trusted, impartial and confidential financial guidance from Money Helper can be accessed directly through the PayCaptain app.


Help and support: PayCaptain’s AI Chatbot can answer the most frequently asked questions raised by employees about their pay. For those employees who prefer to speak to an expert in person, they can be transferred to a member of the PayCaptain team for more guidance and support. When the employee calls PayCaptain, their last payslip automatically comes up on screen for the advisor so they can handle the enquiry quickly and efficiently.


In summary, Deputy's solution is a powerful and versatile tool that can help businesses to streamline their HR operations and improve their bottom line. By integrating with PayCaptain, employers can offer their teams an end-to-end solution offering world-class tools to enhance employee satisfaction, manage employees’ growth and increase their financial wellbeing – all attractive benefits in the fight to attain and retain the most talented staff.