Digital Pensions - another great innovation with PayCaptain

Digital Pensions - another great innovation with PayCaptain

Living in a world where people want information at the click of a button, it’s no surprise that people want to access their pension information online. PayCaptain has made this possible for users of the PayCaptain mobile app by integrating with digital pension provider, Collegia.



What are Digital pensions and what are the benefits?

Digital pensions are pension schemes that are entirely or largely managed online. This means that members can view their pension pot on-demand, as well as make contributions and see how their pension is performing online in real-time. They can do this without having to visit a pension provider’s office or wait for annual statements. Traditional paper-based pensions make it harder to access real-time information and easily see what sits in the pension pot.

Digital pensions are still a relatively new development, but they are growing in popularity as more pension providers recognise the benefits they offer. They offer a number of advantages for both members and pension providers.

For members, digital pensions offer greater transparency and flexibility. Members can easily view their pension pot and keep track of their contributions, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their future pension provision.

Digital pensions also offer the ability to make ad hoc or one-off contributions. These are helpful for those who have irregular income or for those who receive performance related pay or bonuses. They can be added to the pension to make better financial provision for later life.


In short, having a digital pension makes it easier for an employee to manage their money.

For pension providers, digital pensions can reduce costs associated with managing paper-based pension records. They also provide an opportunity to engage with members more frequently, which can help to improve customer service levels.


How does PayCaptain help?

PayCaptain currently integrates with Collegia, a UK-based pension provider that offers a combined Auto Enrolment and Personal Pension plan which means employees can build their pension pot in one place. Collegia’s solution allows multiple employers to contribute simultaneously to a members’ pension. They are committed to socially responsible investing in ‘green pensions’ – which has a huge impact on reducing the employee’s carbon footprint. Read more about the importance of switching to a sustainable pension.

Access to an employee’s digital pension with Collegia is now possible through the PayCaptain mobile app. This delivers a future digital ecosystem to achieve a better outcome for employees through collaboration between payroll service providers and pension providers. The integration provides employees with ease of access to all their financial information in one place.


PayCaptain is now able to display an employee’s live pension pot. This allows employees to interact in real time with their investments. It also displays the forecasted pension income based on their estimated retirement date. By having such information at their fingertips, employees are more aware of their future retirement provision which means they can make more informed decisions for future contributions.


Says Mike Fisher, PayCaptain’s Sales and Partnerships Manager, “We’re delighted to integrate with Collegia and we’re looking forward to integrating with other service providers to expand the options through the app.


By offering digital pensions through our mobile app, we’re arming employees with more information so they can make better choices and have more control over their financial future.”


The integration between PayCaptain and Collegia means that all pensions can be combined into one place. With on-demand access to live information, employees can elect to increase their contributions or make ad hoc payments to their pensions if they receive bonuses, performance related pay or windfalls.


For more information about PayCaptain and how we can help improve your employees’ financial well-being, please contact us and we’ll be delighted to demonstrate the PayCaptain functionality for you.


For service providers who are interested in integrating with the PayCaptain solution to offer employees more choices for pension provision, please contact


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