How does make Payroll Giving easier?

How does make Payroll Giving easier?
How does make Payroll Giving easier?How does make Payroll Giving easier? is an HMRC Approved Payroll Giving Agency that was built to streamline the process of making donations to charities and non-profit organisations through the payroll process. Payroll Giving, also known as Workplace Giving or Give As You Earn (‘GAYE’), is a powerful tool that enables employees to contribute to charitable causes directly from their salaries.

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is a scheme that allows employees to donate a portion of their pre-tax salary to registered charities or the non-profit organisations of their choice. Charitable donations are made directly from gross pay and by deducting donations at source, employees benefit from immediate tax relief. This makes Payroll Giving a simple and more tax-efficient way to give.

Payroll Giving empowers individuals to support causes they care about without thehassle of managing separate donations. Toread more about Payroll Giving, click here.

What is is a dedicated platform that facilitates Payroll Giving for companies and employees alike. As an HMRC Approved Payroll Giving Agency, it operates as a separate entity from PayCaptain Payroll Solutions Ltd (trading as PayCaptain) and focuses exclusively on facilitating charitable giving through payroll. is a registered charity and provides payroll giving schemes for businesses that pay their employees using the PayCaptain payroll solution.  With, businesses can easily implement and manage Payroll Giving schemes, while employees gain a convenient and hassle-free means to support causes they believe in.

What is a Payroll Giving Agency?

Payroll Giving Agencies act as intermediaries between the employer, employee and the chosen charitable or non-profit organisations, streamlining the administration and management of the program.

Payroll Giving Agencies play a crucial role in simplifying and managing the Payroll Giving process. By facilitating the process, handling the administrative tasks, providing support to employees and providing transparent reporting, enables companies and individuals to make a positive social impact through regular charitable contributions.

The primary role of a payroll giving agency is to provide a platform or system that enables employees to set up and manage their charitable donations conveniently. These agencies work closely with employers to integrate the Payroll Giving scheme into the company's payroll system.

They may also collaborate with a network of registered charities to offer a diverse range of causes for employees to choose from.

Some of the key functions of a Payroll Giving Agency are:

Program Implementation: A Payroll Giving Agency assists companies in setting up the Payroll Giving program within their organisation. They provide the necessary tools and resources to ensure smooth integration with the existing payroll system.

Employee Support: Payroll Giving Agencies offer assistance and guidance to employees throughout the donation setup process. They provide user-friendly interfaces or online platforms that allow employees to select charities, specify donation amounts and manage their giving preferences easily.

Donations Management: The agency collects the employee donations through the payroll system and ensures that the funds are distributed to the chosen charities in a timely and accurate manner. They handle all aspects of donation processing, including tax deductions, administrative fees and disbursements.

Over 2,000 charities are setup to allow employees to make regular donations from their gross pay. When has charities/non-profits set up, same day payments are made to them, speeding up the payment process considerably.  

Reporting and compliance: Payroll Giving Agencies generate reports and analytics for both companies and employees. Employers can access data on participation rates, donation amounts and the overall impact of the Payroll Giving program. Similarly, employees can receive reports on their giving history and the collective impact of their donations.

Charity partner relationships: Payroll Giving Agencies maintain relationships with a network of registered charities and non-profit organisations. They ensure that the chosen charities meet the required legal and regulatory standards and provide employees with a wide range of causes to support.


How facilitates Payroll Giving:

Streamlined integration: seamlessly integrates with the PayCaptain payroll solution. This simplifies the process of setting up and administering Payroll Giving.

Employee-friendly interface: offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for employees. Through the PayCaptain payroll mobile app, employees can easily set up regular donations, choose from a wide range of registered charities and monitor their giving history. With the seamless integration between PayCaptain and, employees are empowered to actively participate in charitable endeavours.

Reporting and analytics: provides comprehensive reporting and analytics to both companies and employees. Employers can track the impact of their Payroll Giving programs, identify participation rates and measure the overall charitable contributions made by their employees.

Similarly, employees can access personalised reports, offering visibility into their giving history and the collective impact of their contributions.

Charities and non-profits also benefit with faster payments being made to support their charitable activities as well as immediate payment of the full value of the tax relief that’s afforded by donating through payroll. Charities don’t have to apply – and wait for several months – for payment of Gift Aid, so this saves both time and money in administration and means they get the full value of the donation when it’s made.

What are the benefits of Payroll Giving?

Tax efficiency: Payroll Giving allows employees to donate pre-tax earnings, resulting in immediate tax relief. This means that individuals can donate more to their chosen charities without incurring additional costs, making their giving go further.

Simplicity and convenience: Payroll Giving eliminates the need for employees to set up individual donations or manage transactions. By integrating giving into the payroll process, it offers a simple and convenient way for employees to make a difference consistently.

Employee engagement and morale: Companies that implement Payroll Giving schemes often experience increased employee engagement and job satisfaction. Providing employees with the opportunity to support causes they care about fosters a sense of purpose, unity and pride within the organisation.

Increased social impact: Payroll Giving enables companies and employees to collectively make a significant impact on charitable organisations and causes. By pooling resources, businesses can showcase their commitment to social responsibility and contribute to broader societal change.

In summary, plays a vital role in driving workplace charitable support through Payroll Giving. is an HMRC Approved Payroll Giving Agency that acts as an intermediary between the employer, employee and the chosen charitable or non-profit organisation.

By simplifying the process, providing user-friendly interfaces and with the seamless integration to PayCaptain’s payroll solution, employees and businesses are able to support charitable causes more effectively.