How To Reduce The Gender Paygap

How To Reduce The Gender Paygap
How To Reduce The Gender PaygapHow To Reduce The Gender Paygap

It’s disappointing that we have to create articles about the gender pay gap in this day and age, but unfortunately, it’s still a real issue for many.

In fact, for organisations with over 250 employers, it’s become mandatory to report on the gender pay gap.

That’s why today, we’re going to be diving into some practical steps your company can start making toward reducing the gender pay gap.

This will not only help to make all of your staff feel valued, but also create a more inclusive and diverse team.

Create Transparency Around Pay, Promotions & Bonuses

One of the most important things you can do is to create a transparent process for promotions, pay rises and bonuses.

This helps to show that all employees have equal opportunities across the company.

With this in mind, it’s also essential that you create a structured and strictly skill-based interview process as well as a clear selection criteria for recruitment/promotions. 

Having a formal process in place can help to reduce the impact of individual unconscious biases that may affect decisions. 

You’ll also want to make it clear how salary increase or pay rise calculations are made so there isn’t any ambiguity.

Show Employees What You Are Doing To Address The Gender Pay Gap

To build on the point of transparency. If you do find a pay gap exists within the organisation, you may want to address this head on.

Rumours and gossip can spread quickly in the workplace, so by creating a culture of radical transparency, employees will feel they are being taken seriously.

This might involve publishing a copy of your gender pay gap report, along with a clear action plan of what the company is doing to bridge the gap.

Introduce Flexible Working Policies Across The Company

Whilst there has been a lot of development in terms of equality around paternal/maternal responsibilities. Some women may still require additional flexibility to work around family commitments. 

Unfortunately, this can sometimes result in them having to take unpaid leave or work part time hours in order to fulfil those commitments.

By offering flexible working policies, you can reduce the need of female employees having to change their hours or sacrifice their pay.

You’ll also want to make sure these changes apply to your interview process in order to widen the talent pool and ensure diversity amongst the team.

Increase Paternal Leave

Another action you can take to build on the last point is increasing paternal leave. 

This can help to balance childcare responsibilities between men and women, thus helping to further bridge the gap.

How To Accurately Track Your Gender Pay Gap?

Obviously none of this can happen unless you have clear visibility over where potential gaps may exist.

With our innovative cloud-based payroll software, PayCaptain, employers can quickly produce detailed payroll reporting including gender pay gap reports and gender pay gap analytics.

This will allow you to not only create internal transparency but also quickly pinpoint and address such issues.

If you’d like to learn more about how PayCaptain can help your organisation, be sure to book a demo today.