Meet the team - Stacey Heathcote, Head of Payroll

Meet the team - Stacey Heathcote, Head of Payroll
Meet the team - Stacey Heathcote, Head of PayrollMeet the team - Stacey Heathcote, Head of Payroll

With a Diploma in Payroll Management and MSc in Payroll and Business Management, Stacey has 23 years’ experience in the Payroll Industry.

As Head of Payroll for PayCaptain, Stacey is responsible for ensuring that her team is delivering an exceptional service to PayCaptain’s customers. This includes making sure that her team is fully trained and qualified for their roles and that all payroll processes and procedures are documented, up to date and being followed.

Stacey joined PayCaptain in November 2020.


What attracted you to PayCaptain?

I loved – and still do - how different the overall concept was. PayCaptain focuses on employee financial well-being as well as ease of processing for employers. Simon (Bocca – Founder and CEO of PayCaptain) is incredibly forward-thinking and passionate about making payroll easier for all concerned.

Over the last 23 years, I’ve worked with lots of different payroll solutions. Many of them are very similar. PayCaptain takes payroll to a new level.

With some incredible functionality that helps employees improve their financial resilience, to AI (Artificial Intelligence) that removes a lot of manual intervention and reduces risk, along with the ability to configure the system to each organisation’s needs, it really is a payroll system like no other!


How is PayCaptain different from other companies you've worked for?

At PayCaptain, we have flexibility personally, but also with the service we’re able to deliver. We look at the individual needs of the business and work very closely with them to understand how we become an extension to their team. We form great partnerships with our customers, we’re not just service providers.  


What do you love about your job?

I love working in a customer-facing department. I really enjoy working with different customers, building strong relationships with them. I genuinely care about each of our customers and I am passionate about delivering an outstanding, professional and knowledgeable payroll service forthem.


What’s the onboarding process like for new customers?

Our aim is to make the process for our customers as easy as possible.  We take a lot of the administrative burden away from them.  We help with communications to their employees and we have regular project meetings and reviews. We only take on a handful of new customers on every other month, so they get a huge amount of attention to make the process as easy and effective as it can be.


How do you find working remotely?

I like it, it fits well with my personal life.  I don’t think I could ever do a daily commute into an office now!  


Do you have much interaction with your colleagues?

Yes, we have a catch up at the start of every working day. Throughout the day we’re frequently on video calls with each other.  We also do social meet ups over video calls and we have face to face meetings regularly. We have a very close-knit team that’s very supportive, so we’re in constant contact with each another.  


Do you have lots of interaction with your customers?

Yes, on a daily basis I’m contact with our customers! I also have lots of interaction with our customers employees. I encourage customers to use video calls as I feel it’s easier and a more personal way to interact. Before the pandemic, I wouldn’t have thought about video calling a customer or them video calling me just to ask a quick question, but I think it really works. I also meet face to face with customers now that restrictions are lifted.


What do you bring to the table for the clients that you work with?

Knowledge and experience, I think. I’ve worked with a large number of different customers across most sectors. I understand that organisations don’t all work in the same way and all have their own unique ways of working - timings, data delivery and organisational procedures. Because of this wealth of experience, I can adapt to what my customers need – making payroll and onboarding as easy as possible for them.


What’s the favourite part of your job?

It’s working with our customers and spending time with the team. No two days are ever the same! I also absolutely love being part of an organisation that’s so forwarding thinking. We’re changing the payroll world for the better. We’re doing this through a combination of technology and inspiring payroll professionals who work and think differently. Employee financial well-being is always at the forefront of our mind, and it’s amazing to think how we are not only changing payroll for the better, but employees’ lives too.


What was your previous role?

For the majority of my career, I’ve worked in payroll bureaus including ADP, NorthgateArinso (now Zellis) and Fourth. In my last role, at Fourth, where I worked for over 10 years, I was Director of Payroll Operations. I headed up a team of 70 payroll professionals and was responsible for 400 customers and 350,000 payslips every month.  


Who do you work most closely with?

We’re a very close-knit team, so we’re always in contact with each other. I work most closely with Val and the payroll team to make sure we deliver excellent service to our customers. I also work closely with Sarah (Rayment, Head of Operations), supporting new business and the onboarding of customers.  


What’s the culture within the business?

One word – ‘family.’ We care a lot about one another and we care about PayCaptain, we've got common goals.      


What are your personal and professional goals for PayCaptain?

I want to continue to build a successful payroll department so we can continue to deliver an outstanding service to our customers and ensure that we’re the most helpful payroll solution on the planet!  


What did you want to be when you were at school?

A Solicitor

What was your first job?

After my A Levels I went to work in a Solicitors firm as an office junior and then learned to audio type and became an audio secretary.  


What’s the proudest moment of your career?

It’s when I graduated from my MSc, I was awarded dissertation of the year. I really wasn’t expecting it and it was an amazing day!

At the beginning of October, PayCaptain was awarded Software Product of the Year 2022 from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP). This is an incredible achievement and one which I and the whole team are incredibly proud of. We travelled to Celtic Manor for the award ceremony and it was such a thrill when PayCaptain's name was announced! Being up on the stage with my PayCaptain team-mates was amazing. It was humbling to receive such recognition from the CIPP, especially as we were up against such big names in payroll. It was a night to remember!

To learn more about how PayCaptain can help your business and improve the financial well-being of your employees, please contact us for an informal, no-obligation chat. We’ll be happy to demo PayCaptain for you.