Meet the team - Paulina Lis - Payroll Specialist

Meet the team - Paulina Lis - Payroll Specialist
Meet the team - Paulina Lis - Payroll SpecialistMeet the team - Paulina Lis - Payroll Specialist

Payroll Specialist, Paulina Lis MCIPPdip, joined PayCaptain in January 2023, and says it’s been a fantastic career decision!

With more than six years payroll experience, Paulina started her career in hospitality where she had a passion for customer service. She then started working in payroll in January 2017. Prior to joining PayCaptain, she worked for an international payroll service provider – working her way up from Payroll Trainee to being a fully-qualified Payroll Specialist working with customers who had up to 10,000 employees.

Paulina has Payroll Technician Certificate and Foundation Degree in Payroll Management from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (‘CIPP’).


What does a ‘normal’ day look like at PayCaptain?

No two days are ever the same and I absolutely love it! My day starts with team catch-up and hearing about everyone’s plans for the day and we also share exciting news. It’s really important part of the day for us all - we have a really close connection with one another and we’re always up to date with what’s happening.

In my day-to-day role I work closely with the payroll team and customers to make sure employees get paid accurately and on time.


When did you join PayCaptain? Where are you based?

I joined PayCaptain in January 2023 and it has been the best decision I’ve made. I love working with all of my amazing colleagues! I’m based in Cheshire and work remotely.


How does working remotely work for you and how does it benefit the company?

Working remotely allows me to be in control of my working hours and fits around my family and home life. I save a huge amount of time and energy on travel, so I’m totally fresh when I sit at my desk.  


What attracted you to join PayCaptain?

I wanted to be a part of company that’s so dedicated to helping employers run helpful and efficient payroll as well as improving employees' financial wellbeing. The payroll experience shouldn’t just be putting money into someone’s bank account in the middle of the night, it can really be something that proactively helps people. I love how passionate PayCaptain is about what we’re doing and that payroll is being taken to the next level.

PayCaptain is evolving every day and coming up with new payroll solutions. It’s all about providing excellent customer service and helping with financial wellbeing, which is very important. It’s very exciting to join at the stage where I can be a part of making PayCaptain grow.

What’s your favourite piece of functionality in PayCaptain and why?

There are so many amazing pieces of functionality in PayCaptain, but my favourite is the Savings feature.

Employees can open a savings account with PayCaptain and make payments directly from their pay. I love that we encourage employees to build up their savings pot which benefits them not only by having financial backup, but also improves mental health by reducing financial stress.


How does PayCaptain improve employees’ lives?

PayCaptain changes employees’ lives by providing easy access to finances with emergency cash, savings and an app that helps them to keep on top of their earnings. PayCaptain truly cares about employees and wants to provide the best employee experience.


Who do you work closest with at PayCaptain?

In my day-to-day role I work most closely with the Payroll team to ensure employees get paid accurately and on time. We’re a very close-knit team and love working together.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy how different PayCaptain is when it comes to caring for our customers and employees. I love connecting with my colleagues and customers as well as having contact with employees. No day is ever the same!


What are your personal and professional goals within the business?

I think I've joined the PayCaptain journey at a really exciting time. I want to see PayCaptain grow and make payroll an enjoyable experience for everyone. I want to be part of making payroll processes simpler and to help employees make the best decisions for their financial wellbeing.

Personally, I still have a lot to learn and would love to gain more experience and grow in my payroll career.


What’s the proudest moment of your career to date?

The proudest moment of my career was achieving a Foundation Degree in Payroll Management!