Meet the team - Rebecca Davenport, Payroll Manager

Meet the team - Rebecca Davenport, Payroll Manager
Meet the team - Rebecca Davenport, Payroll ManagerMeet the team - Rebecca Davenport, Payroll Manager

Payroll Manager, Rebecca Davenport, joined PayCaptain in October 2022 and has more than 15 years’ experience in payroll.

With two young daughters, Becky moved from working in the hospitality industry to have a better work/life balance. Her experience in hospitality and the public sector as well as a global payroll software company gives Becky a wealth of experience that she can bring to the table to support her customers.

Becky has a Foundation Management Degree from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (‘CIPP’).


What are your responsibilities in PayCaptain?

As Payroll Manager, my responsibilities span from the day-to-day business-as-usual activities - obviously working with the team to ensure all employees are paid correctly and on-time.

I’m also responsible for implementing new customers to PayCaptain and ensuring the transition over to PayCaptain from a customer’s legacy payroll is seamless and brilliantly supported. I build relationships with customers and partners as well as helping to develop our team members.


How is PayCaptain different from other companies you’ve worked for?

That’s easy… PayCaptain is truly a company to be proud of!

We’re a close-knit team and we all care and are passionate about each other, the employees and PayCaptain. We’re trying to do something different from legacy payroll solutions and make a difference to the lives of employees that we’re responsible for paying.

In these challenging financial times, it’s critical we get things right, first time, every time so we’re positively impacting peoples’ lives.

I’m really proud to work for PayCaptain.  


How’s the payroll solution different?

We don’t just simply process a payroll with payslips, which is of course important… but it’s so much more.

PayCaptain offers financial wellbeing to employees. From things like helping them with cash advances prior to pay day, preventing them from getting into a cycle of debt, to providing them with additional functionality to be able to improve their financial wellbeing. PayCaptain doesn’t just provide ‘tools,’ it also matches employees up with support and financial advice through our partners like Money Helper and Pension Wise.

Our main focus is the employee and that’s what sets us apart.


Who do you work most closely with at PayCaptain?

I work closely with everyone in the payroll team and we’re in constant contact. I also work closely with Sarah Rayment, Head of Operations, to ensure a customer’s transition across to PayCaptain is smooth and pain-free. I’m also involved with projects and the product team.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

Having an employee email to say thank you means a lot. Receiving thanks is validation that we’ve done a good job and the employee, who is our main focus, is getting what they need. It means a job well done by the team in my eyes.


What are your goals within the business?

From an implementation point of view, we want moving across to PayCaptain to be as easy as possible for the customer.

The burden of moving payroll providers can be a challenge for any size of a company and we really want to be able to support with the transition to take the burden away.

I want to work with Sarah and the payroll team to continue to deliver an amazing service and continue to be the most helpful payroll solution on the planet.


What’s the proudest moment in your career?

I can’t say there has been one specific moment in my payroll career. I could say it’s my promotions, awards or completing my degree. But a proud moment can be simply the first live payroll for a customer being successful, or one of your team members that you’ve been developing being given a promotion!