PayCaptain: A top 100 organisation to escape to!

PayCaptain: A top 100 organisation to escape to!
PayCaptain: A top 100 organisation to escape to!PayCaptain: A top 100 organisation to escape to!

We’re thrilled to announce that PayCaptain has, for the second year running, been included in the prestigious ‘Escape 100’ list. This list celebrates businesses that have achieved remarkable accomplishments and recognises innovation, growth and influence. In 2022, PayCaptain was placed in 59th position, this year, we've taken 7th place! In 2023, 14,653 businesses were nominated.

What are The Escape 100 Awards?

The Escape 100 Awards are an annual celebration of exceptional businesses across various industries that have demonstrated outstanding performance, groundbreaking innovation and remarkable growth.

Escape the City is the place to find work you believe in, at organisations doing things differently.”

The awards are organised and presented by Escape the City which is global community with the mission to help a million employees leave their corporate jobs and find work that’s more fulfilling for themselves and better for the world. Escape the City has, over the last dozen years, established itself as a trusted authority on entrepreneurship, industry trends and success stories.


How are businesses selected for the Escape 100 awards?

The winners of The Escape 100 Awards are chosen through a rigorous and comprehensive selection process. The process involves several stages, including nominations, research, evaluation and final selection:

Nomination: Initially, businesses can be nominated by a range of sources, including industry professionals, customers, employees and the general public. Nominations provide a starting point for identifying potential candidates for consideration.

Research and Evaluation: The nominated businesses undergo thorough research and evaluation. This stage involves a detailed analysis of various factors such as financial performance, growth trajectory, market influence, innovation, customer satisfaction and social impact. An expert panel of industry veterans and the team of Escape the City play an instrumental role in assessing the nominees.

Nominees are judged on six criteria:

Impact: How does the organisation make a positive impact on the world? This is the foundation of the judging criteria and denotes how far-reaching the organisation’s work is in the world and how it affects the ‘mission’ and ‘planet’ judging criteria.

People: How does the organisation treat its employees? This criterion measures the holistic quality of the workplace and organisation, as rated by the organisation’s employees.

Mission: How clear and inspiring is the organisation's mission? This refers to the ambitions and the aims of the organisation being judged. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (‘SDG’) framework is the baseline for judging, along with other important issues identified by Escape the City.

Planet: How does the organisation care for the environment? The judging criterion measures to what extent the nominated business has a positive effect on the environment.

Innovation: How innovative is the organisation? This criterion judges how unique the concept is that’s being offered by the nominated business, providing creative solutions to pervasive problems.

B Corp: Is the organisation a certified B Corporation? Does the nominated business wear this ethical badge of honour? B Corps are businesses that meet and maintain the highest standards of social and environmental performance and go through a rigorous selection process to become a B Corp.

Final Selection: Based on the research and evaluation, a select group of businesses are shortlisted as finalists. This final list represents the top 100 businesses that have demonstrated exceptional achievements in their respective fields and across the judging criteria.

To read more about Escape the City's assessment of PayCaptain, click here.

What does being in the Escape 100 mean to PayCaptain?

Being included in the Escape 100 is hugely exciting and gratifying for PayCaptain, as the focus of the judging is on selecting businesses that are leading the way in putting their people and the planet on a par with profit.

When Simon (Simon Bocca, Founder and CEO) conceptualised and launched PayCaptain, he had a vision to create a solution that would improve the overall experience of getting paid but also provide tools to improve the financial well-being of employees.

His aim was also to make payroll easier for payroll professionals and business owners. But not only that, Simon wanted to use tech as a force for good. The business was built on the B Corp framework from the very outset, giving huge importance to people, PayCaptain’s stakeholders, the local community and the environment.

Being recognised by Escape the City as a trailblazer and innovator two years running, especially when the business is still young, is hugely significant for PayCaptain. Not only has PayCaptain been included in this prestigious list, but the company is also a winner of the Highest employee-rated organisation sub-category too! Hilaty Owen, Head of Marketing said:

“They [PayCaptain] have been scored as the highest employee rated organisation in this year's Escape 100. Flexibility that allows hours to be worked anytime from any location, to a unique set of employee perks from the PayCaptain app are all reasons cited by the team.” 

Being part of The Escape 100 increases employee morale and engagement and serves as a testament to their hard work and dedication. It also fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment. This recognition also enhances PayCaptain’s appeal as an employer, allowing us to attract even more top talent.

Say’s Simon:

PayCaptain has a brilliant team and their happiness is extremely important to me. We’re all passionate about building great tech and delivering great service to our customers and we work really well as a team. I’m super proud of everything we’re achieving together.


From an industry perspective, The Escape 100 Awards provide a powerful validation of PayCaptain’s efforts, recognising its excellence and confirming its position as a leader and innovator in the payroll industry. This recognition enhances the reputation and credibility of PayCaptain, also reinforcing its position as a trusted and reliable brand.

In a crowded marketplace, the Escape 100 distinction sets PayCaptain apart from our competitors. It serves as a valuable differentiator, attracting the attention of potential customers and more partners.  

In summary, being included in The Escape 100 not only showcases PayCaptain’s accomplishments but also acts as a springboard for continued success and recognition in the future. And we’re thrilled to be there!