Rotaready and PayCaptain – perfect partners for hospitality, retail and leisure

Rotaready and PayCaptain – perfect partners for hospitality, retail and leisure
Rotaready and PayCaptain – perfect partners for hospitality, retail and leisureRotaready and PayCaptain – perfect partners for hospitality, retail and leisure

Rotaready is a workforce management solution built for hospitality, retail and leisure businesses. Since 2015 they’ve been helping operators build perfect staff rotas, accurately monitor time and attendance, manage holiday and gain greater control over their costs.

The idea for Rotaready came about in 2010 and they’ve been working since then to create a solution which helps businesses streamline their workforce management processes and improve operational efficiency. Launched in 2015 and with a tight-knit team of 18, Rotaready has recently become a part of The Access Group.

Rotaready partner with PayCaptain to provide two best-in-class solutions for businesses that work in harmony with one another to simplify HR and labour scheduling, while making payroll a breeze.

Jamie Harvey, Co-founder of Rotaready, leads the customer-facing side of the business. His days are varied - working alongside colleagues in the business development, customer success and customer support functions. Jamie tells us about the business and why PayCaptain and Rotaready are perfect partners.


What are the main features of Rotaready?

We’ve continuously added new features to our offering since starting out in 2015. To name a few… staff scheduling, time and attendance management, HR and cost control. We also have a powerful employee mobile app and numerous free integrations, which allow our clients to connect their business solutions.


Tell us about the benefits of Rotaready and how your functionality helps your customers?

In a nutshell, Rotaready enables hospitality operators to effortlessly build staff rotas; accurately monitor time and attendance; control costs and ensure compliance. Integrations with solutions such as PayCaptain offer guaranteed payroll accuracy, without laborious manual input.

By using a combination of all of Rotaready’s features, our customers save time, optimise wage costs, improve employee engagement and achieve an average return on investment (‘ROI’) of 600%


Why are Rotaready and PayCaptain such a good fit?

First and foremost, we're passionate about the same things. Rotaready are laser-focused on the hospitality industry and PayCaptain has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with hospitality businesses. We also have a shared commitment to constant innovation and awesome customer service.

The integration between Rotaready and PayCaptain is hugely powerful tool. Working together, we’re able to automate the varied and complex areas of payroll - which is a very detailed area with zero wiggle-room for errors.


What customers do you have in common with PayCaptain?

We're proud to have many mutual customers both large and small. You may be familiar with Gusto Restaurants and Dishoom. We also recently did a joint case study with Flourish which you can read about here.


Why do you enjoy partnering with PayCaptain?

Forging and fostering a partnership with a third party means hanging our reputation on its success, so it's not something we do lightly.

PayCaptain made this decision particularly easy for us. Not only do they offer a proven, quality platform built by those with decades of hospitality experience, but they also share our passion for delivering impressive ROI, great user experience and best-in-class customer service. It’s a match made in heaven!


What are your plans for Rotaready?

We’ve recently become part of The Access Group and our immediate sights are set on accelerating our development roadmap, welcoming more and more customers to Rotaready and being able to offer a wider suite of integrated products to our customers - all whilst upholding our brilliant customer support!


For more information about how the integration between Rotaready and PayCaptain can help improve payroll efficiency and ensure employees are always paid accurately and on time, please feel free to get in touch, we’d love to chat!