What do the best payroll providers offer?

What do the best payroll providers offer?
What do the best payroll providers offer?What do the best payroll providers offer?

Managing payroll can be a complex, costly and time-consuming task for businesses of all sizes. To streamline the process and ensure compliance with relevant legislation, many companies turn to outsourced payroll service providers.

It’s been reported that in 2022, 61% of business in the UK outsourced their payroll to an external payroll services provider. Not all payroll service providers are created equal, however. The best ones go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service, save time, reduce errors and prioritise customer satisfaction.

If you’re considering outsourcing payroll or you’re not happy with your current payroll service provider, here are 10 areas that set a high-quality payroll service provider apart from one that’s more run of the mill.

HMRC recognised: The best payroll service providers prioritise compliance with HMRC regulations. Being listed on the HMRC website as HMRC recognised payroll software is a non-negotiable requirement.

Additionally,it’s worth considering other awards and certifications they’ve achieved, as these demonstrate a commitment to excellence. Look for providers that value ethical practices and are known for being good employers, as these qualities reflect their core values.

Intuitive cloud-based software: Efficient and user-friendly payroll software is also essential. The best providers offer cloud-based solutions that save time and enhance the quality of payroll management.

Features such as automation, immediate availability of reports, real-time information and exception reporting all contribute to a seamless user experience. The best providers leverage AI technology to streamline processes and improve accuracy.

Customer service from dedicated payroll managers: Exceptional customer service is a hallmark of the best payroll service providers. They understand the importance of personalised support and have dedicated payroll managers or specialists who are easily accessible.

Customers should have clarity on who to contact for different scenarios, such as payroll queries, technical support or account management. Regular communication, feedback-seeking and prompt follow-ups are critical to building a strong client-provider relationship.

Customers should also have multiple options for contacting their payroll service provider as different employees have preferences about how they make contact. Offering more options for employees to contact the payroll support team will increase employee engagement and help resolve queries quicker and more effectively.

Measure the quality of service being delivered: Reliable metrics let payroll service providers assess and improve their service quality. Key measurements include the percentage of payrolls delivered within agreed deadlines; accuracy levels; responsiveness to customer queries – both first response times and resolution times - and customer satisfaction levels. Customer satisfaction can be measured through NPS, CSAT, or DSAT scores.

These metrics should be evaluated at both the individual customer level and by payroll professionals, allowing for targeted improvements and support for ongoing team development. It also allows the best payroll service providers to see where improvements can be made; where immediate action may be required as well as allocate customers to the right payroll professional. This ensures that customers who need extra care and attention get the assistance they need.

Invest in payroll professionals: The best payroll service providers understand that their success relies on the expertise and knowledge of their payroll professionals.

These professionals should be experts in payroll legislation and possess credible qualifications, such as those offered by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (‘CIPP’). Payroll service providers should also have annual training plans in place to ensure their professionals stay up to date with the latest industry developments.

Integration with other technologies: To enhance the overall payroll experience, leading providers integrate their software with other valuable technologies. This capability is particularly beneficial for niche industries that require bespoke HR or scheduling systems.

Seamless data transfer between payroll software and third-party providers, such as pension providers, HR systems or accounting systems contributes to a more streamlined and efficient payroll experience and process.

Understanding and achieving customer goals: The best payroll service providers take the time to understand their customers' goals and align their services accordingly. During the sales process, they identify and prioritise customer objectives to ensure a tailored approach.

By regularly assessing progress toward these goals, providers can proactively address any gaps and optimise their service offerings.

Transparency of the product roadmap: Effective communication and transparency are key elements of a successful supplier-customer relationship. The best outsourced payroll providers openly share their product roadmap, highlighting upcoming features and enhancements.

This transparency allows customers to align their expectations and provide feedback that can contribute to future deliverables. The best providers also involve their customers in testing new features, ensuring a collaborative approach to product development.

Commitment to continuous improvement: The best payroll service providers also value feedback and actively seek ways to improve their services. They approach feedback in a non-emotional manner, using it as a catalyst for positive change.

When issues arise, they’re quick to address and rectify them. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that customers receive the best possible payroll experience.

No surprises: Consistency and reliability are paramount when it comes to outsourced payroll services. The best payroll providers maintain consistent standards of service, ensuring that the payroll process operates smoothly without disruptions. By delivering on expectations and creating a sense of security, these providers build trust and foster long-term partnerships.


How does PayCaptain help?

PayCaptain is a multi-award-winning cloud-based payroll services provider. With dedicated payroll managers and teams for each customer, PayCaptain provides a seamless payroll service that reduces errors and delivers payroll on time, every time.

Delivering an exceptional payroll experience, PayCaptain’s HMRC-recognised software offers enhanced functionality to improve employees’ financial wellbeing. With a dynamic approach to development, PayCaptain adapts to the changing needs of businesses by listening to feedback and building it into the roadmap for future deliverables.

Built on the Salesforce platform and with both artificial intelligence and automation built in, PayCaptain integrates with other best in class software solutions. Offering employers an end-to-end solution to perfectly fit their business’s needs, PayCaptain can support niche industries that need a bespoke HR/scheduling/payroll solution. PayCaptain also directs information from payroll software to other key third parties such as pension providers, HR systems and accounting systems for a seamless and effective solution that keeps the key business functions connected.

In 2022, The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals recognised PayCaptain as the Software Product of the Year, only two years after the solution was launched.

In summary, choosing the right payroll service provider is crucial for efficient and compliant payroll management. The best payroll service providers distinguish themselves in a number of key areas. By considering the factors that differentiate the best payroll service providers from others in the industry, businesses can find a payroll service provider that meets their specific needs and helps them deliver a first class payroll experience for their employees.