Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher is PayCaptain’s Head of Sales & Partnerships with more than five years of expertise in the payroll sector and an impressive background spanning over 12 years in Sales & Account Management. Prior to joining the PayCaptain team, he held a key position at another HRIS solution provider.

In his role, Mike is responsible for collaborating closely with clients as they navigate their business transformation journey, exploring various payroll solutions and ultimately implementing PayCaptain across their organisation. He serves as a dedicated resource, offering answers to queries, valuable insights, and trusted advice, ensuring transparency at every stage of the process.

Furthermore, Mike manages PayCaptain's partnerships with third-party solutions that seamlessly integrate with our platform. The primary focus here is to deliver a 'Best-in-Class' experience to all of our clients. With the power of modern API integrations and Mike’s support, both PayCaptain and our partners collaborate closely to ensure a smooth flow of data, resulting in heightened accuracy and significant time and cost savings for our customers.

In addition to these responsibilities, Mike collaborates closely with his colleagues across the organisation, contributing to the enhancement of PayCaptain's brand, marketing efforts, newsletters, and product development.

"Payroll plays a pivotal role in a business's operations. I find great fulfilment in being a part of this commercially critical element, with the opportunity to enhance the experience for all those involved."