Rebecca Davenport

Payroll Manager, Rebecca Davenport, has a Foundation Degree in Payroll Management and she’s a member of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (‘CIPP’). She has over 15 years of payroll experience. Prior to joining PayCaptain, she was Senior Payroll Manager for an international payroll service provider where she managed new business implementations and services teams.

Becky loves building relationships and is heavily invested in the onboarding process when new customers transition across to the PayCaptain payroll solution. She works closely with the internal operations team to configure PayCaptain to meet the customer’s needs and support the implementation with employee communications and training.

With extensive experience of implementing payroll solutions, combined with her payroll and auto-enrolment expertise, Becky helps businesses improve payroll performance by reducing mistakes.  

“Payroll is forever changing and gives me great satisfaction to know that employees are paid correctly and on time, every time. These days, payroll isn’t just about accuracy. Payroll providers and employers need to ensure that payroll is as efficient as possible to avoid risks. I love seeing how our payroll solution turns a manual, time-consuming task into a quick and easy check for employers.”