Sarah Rayment

Sarah Rayment is Head of Operations at PayCaptain. She has over 16 years’ experience in the payroll industry and previously worked as an Enablement Manager at an international payroll service provider.

Sarah loves working for a payroll company that's so invested in improving the financial well-being of employees, as well as making the Payroll process much easier for the Payroll and Finance Teams. She enjoys seeing the features of the mobile app being used and seeing the results of how this benefits employees and customers.

Sarah has responsibility for the implementation and delivery of projects for new and existing customers and is one of the main points of contact throughout implementation. Sarah also manages internal projects and processes.

“Being in operations, I'm lucky to work closely with all departments within PayCaptain as well as our customers and partners. I love being involved in projects from the moment a contract's signed and I take pride in ensuring everything is configured perfectly, so we deliver a great solution for the benefit of our customers and their employees.”