Which payroll companies offer digital payslips?

Which payroll companies offer digital payslips?
Which payroll companies offer digital payslips?Which payroll companies offer digital payslips?

What is a digital payslip?

A digital payslip is an electronic version of a traditional payslip that outlines an employee's earnings, deductions and other financial details related to their employment. They’re a more efficient and eco-friendly option to traditional paper-based or emailed payslips and are now available from some companies in the payroll industry through proprietary apps or web browsers.  

Digital payslips are different to electronic payslips, which are electronic versions of paper-payslips, often delivered as a password-protected PDF via email, both of which have potential security implications.   

So, which companies offer digital payslips? In this article, we’ll look at some offerings available in the UK market. The list isn’t exhaustive, so there may be other companies that offer digital payslips to their customers that aren’t on the list.  

Which companies offer digital payslips?

epayslips provides pay information – payslips, P60s and P11Ds – to employees through any internet-connected device. Employers can also communicate with their teams through the platform by sending messages, company announcements and documents which, they say, can eliminate the need for a company intranet, potentially saving both time and money. 

Employees can manage their personal information and dashboards can be customised with company branding for a more connected experience. 

epayslips don’t actually process payroll but their solution, they say, is ‘software agnostic’ and ‘works with any payroll or HR software.’ 

IRIS offers a digital solution through PayDashboard, their cloud-based payslip delivery system. Once the payroll manager has processed the payroll, it’s uploaded to PayDashboard. On the publication date, employees receive a notification that a new payslip is available and they can login with their email address and view their payslips. They can also download and print PDF versions of their payslips.

Employees can search and view payslips and the dashboard contains financial information on tax codes and allowances and pay-related information. Payroll data is provided in a series of infographics and charts.

Moorepay, a Zellis company, offers payslips and access to digital records such as P60s, which can be downloaded via the mobile app and forwarded on to third parties. The app incorporates employee self-service functionality such as submitting expenses, timesheets and requests for leave, all of which can be approved or declined by line managers in real-time. 

Moorepay’s app also offers a host of employee discounts which, they say, is ‘a simple way to offset the demand for salary increases.’ Whilst this functionality doesn’t help employers help employees build financial resilience, it can put money back into the pockets of employees with savings on anything from DIY to fashion purchases. 

PayCaptain, the world’s first Plain Numbers-certified digital payslip, PayCaptain provides payslips in either a graphical, traditional or the new Plain Numbers format. Designed for responsible employers to support their employees and pay them fairly, PayCaptain’s digital payslips are easy to understand and lead to increased engagement of workers with their payroll. 

Payslips are broken down into three sections – earnings, deductions and payments – and information is displayed in both chart and table format for easier understanding. Employees can click on the help icon for more detailed information as well as receive support across multiple channels including phone, WhatsApp, AI chatbot and email. 

Containing a host of additional functionality to improve individuals’ financial circumstances, knowledge and savings, PayCaptain helps reduce financial stress and build resilience – recognised factors benefiting both productivity and employee retention.

To see a short video about PayCaptain’s digital payslips, click here.

Sage HR’s mobile app lets users access a graphical payslip which then breaks down gross pay and deductions and take-home pay. Users can toggle between views. By tapping on the payslip, more information is provided how net pay has been calculated and payslips can be shared or saved on devices.

Employees can view other tax documents, such as their P60 by toggling to P60s on the Payslips and P60s page. Payslips can also be viewed on the web browser version of Sage HR. 

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