Pay Day Q&A - Paul Hargreaves, CEO of Cotswold Fayre & Author

Pay Day Q&A - Paul Hargreaves, CEO of Cotswold Fayre & Author

My first pay packet… Was when I was working for a hospital at age 18 - a tiny amount of money paid in cash but the freedom of earning my own money was awesome.


A time when I was worried about money… I was earning virtually nothing working for various charities in South-East London but the experience of having nothing and not being sure how to pay the mortgage was life-forming.

I’m glad I bought… A motorbike when living in London. It saved hours being stuck in traffic jams.


Right now, I’m saving for… I’ve never really saved!


I feel good about spending… On holidays. It’s vital for me to recharge and relax.


A cause (or charity) I like to donate to… An orphanage in Kenya. We are so privileged to live as we do.


What I wish I’d known about money… Life and living it is more important than money, which is only a means to an end – and nowhere near as important as we think it is!


The secret of financial wellbeing is… To value experiences and relationships more than money.


I most resent having to spend money on… The percentage of taxes that goes to military power. Taxes spent on peaceful reconciliation would be far more effective.


You can’t put a price on… The privilege of serving others.