Pay Day Q&A - Ben Drury, Founder & CEO of Yoto UK

Pay Day Q&A - Ben Drury, Founder & CEO of Yoto UK

My first pay packet… I was as a Trainee Analytical Chemist in my gap year. I was paid £6k a year – and thought it was a lot of money.

A time when I was worried about money… After I blew my student loan on a guitar and music equipment.

I’m glad I bought… A table tennis table. I just love playing.

Right now, I’m saving for… My kids’ university fees (if they go!).

I feel good about spending… On really good Japanese food. I do love it, but it tends to be expensive.

A cause (or charity) I like to donate to… Anything proven to help reduce carbon emissions without greenwashing

What I wish I’d known about money… The law of false economies.Cheapest is invariably not the best.

The secret of financial wellbeing is… No credit cards or expensive debt.

I most resent having to spend money on… Compulsory insurance.

You can’t put a price on… Family – and the time you spend with them.