Pay Day Q&A - Matt Snell, CEO of Gusto Restaurants

Pay Day Q&A - Matt Snell, CEO of Gusto Restaurants

My first pay packet… Came from Stones pub company in Sheffield, nearly 25 years ago. It was £35 for two six-hour shifts.

A time when I was worried about money... My wife and I had children when we were very young (21) and so money was always a worry back then. I was an Assistant Manager for Scottish & Newcastle, earning £14,000 per year.

I’m glad I bought… My first house when I was 24. It was just before a property boom and went up in value quickly. But sadly it came down in value very quickly, too, following the 2008 crash.

I’m saving for… Retirement!

I feel good about spending... On my family and home.

A cause (or charity) I like to donate to... Numerous cancer charities, every month.

What I wish I’d known about money… We bought an investment property in 2007 and it was a disaster. We bought at the peak of the market and then had to ride out the crash. It took 10 years to recover its value.

The secret of financial wellbeing is… I am still trying to figure this out!

I most resent having to spend money on... A holiday

You can’t put a price on… Being able to take time out once a week in some way. We all lead such busy lives around work and family and often forget about ourselves. Taking time for yourself every week really makes a huge difference to your mental health and general outlook.